Tuesday, May 3, 2016

An Upcycled Wall Clock

Design and DIY blogs inspire me. Magazines and Pinterest do, as well, but it was a recent Pottery Barn catalog that inspired my latest project.

This full page illustration of a clock/magnet board/chalkboard really appealed to me....

Pottery Barn catalog inspiration

Being the chalkboard fanatic that I am, you would think it was the big round chalkboard that caught my eye, but it was actually the clock face that had me doing a double take. The PB clock face reminded me of an old wall clock that I bought decades ago. It was stored in the attic, so I retrieved it, made sure it still worked, and here she is……….. dated 1979…..

Can you see the simularity in the clock faces?

Forgive me, but this next picture has nothing to do with completing this project. If you own a cat, you’ll understand……

Meet my nosy "assistant" Smokey

Back to the project…..  I loved the big round chalkboard in the PB catalog, but I just didn’t think I could afford to have a large donut fabricated out of sheet metal, much less figure out how to safely attach it to my clock; so I did the next best thing. I just painted around the face of my clock with chalkboard paint and TA DA…..

Easy, peasy!
Now she looks more like a 21st century clock!

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  1. You should list Smokey as your "style shoot" assistant and recognize the important role he plays.

  2. Hi Smokey! Cute girl. I love this clock! I like it better then the PB one!

  3. Wow -- it is beautiful -- so is your assistant ��

  4. Perfect, and so thrifty too. Thanks for sharing your makeover and your proud assistant with Talk of the Town. The chalkboard paint was just what it needed.


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