Thursday, April 7, 2016

First 2016 City-Wide Yard Sale

Three times a year, our town holds a City-Wide Yard Sale in our large multi-purpose center. This past Saturday was the date for the first city-wide sale for 2016. I usually arrive early, get a good parking place and stand in line for a half-hour so I can get in on some of the best finds. The early bird gets the worm, you know; but this year I elected to arrive a little later.

I had a good reason for being late to the gate….. My sweet Mom (she has not been in good health lately) decided she wanted to go too. So with her willing attendant navigating her in a wheelchair and me with my trusty rolling cart, we arrived a couple of hours late which put us there after the opening rush. I knew that my finds would not be as plentiful as usual, but that was OK…. Mom was getting to treasure-hunt for the first time in a long time.

Here’s what we found….

A vintage chicken feeder…..

An old refrigerator water bottle…..

A set of 6 forest green Anchor Hocking juice glasses…..

And finally, a Nikko Christmas tree dinner plate and cheese/cutting board along with a small bottlebrush tree…. Christmas Open House is only 7 months away!

It was quality, not quantity, this trip; 
but taking Mom along made it very special!!!

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  1. So glad your precious mom was able to go with you! Love the Christmas treasures!

  2. I love that refrigerator bottle - awesome!

  3. Nice finds and nice that your Mom went along! Garage sales haven't started here. TOO COLD! Maybe later this month. So, it's estate sales for my treasure hunting.

  4. I love the old clear glass water bottles. I'm glad your Mom got to go with you. Sweet hugs, Diane

  5. Yes it was very nice your Mom got to go with you since she loves these sales also
    You found a few good things also

  6. Good finds (love the chicken feeder) but having your Mom with you was the best I know. I am so happy I got to meet her years ago, she is such a special lady (as are you my friend). It's a good day to hunt junk!

  7. Hey - still some great finds for showing up late. Glad you were able to take your mom. I'm sure she really appreciated it!

  8. I found myself admiring the tablecloths under the items!

  9. Quality time with your mom and a city-wide yard sale sounds perfect to me even though you were a little late. You found some fun treasures; my favorite is the refrigerator water bottle.

  10. Wonderful finds! I loved when my mom would go to the flea mkts with me many many years ago. She did shop garage sales near her house until she was too ill. :) Thanks

  11. Sherry, how great your mom could go with you. That was worth it! I think you still found some great things. Have a great weekend.

    xo Dianne

  12. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I agree, we are kindred spirits because I would have chosen everything you did here too! The chicken feeder is especially nice. I hope my daughter takes me with her someday when I can no longer go myself!

  13. how wonderful your mom got to go on this excursion with you. Getting out when you want to get out means so much to those with mobility issues. Hope you have a great week - mel

  14. How wonderful that your mom was able to go along on your treasure hunt, Sherry! My mom and I used to have so many outings as well, I really miss it. It's hard to get her out and about. Love the water bottle, great find!

  15. You found some great stuff and your mom being able to go with you is priceless!


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