Monday, February 22, 2016

The Results Are In!

In my last two posts, I’ve told you about HGTV’s possible new show, Home Town. The pilot was filmed here in my hometown of Laurel, Mississippi and starred Ben and Erin Napier, a charming young Laurel couple. I encouraged you to watch the pilot that was aired on Sunday, January 24, with the hopes that the number of views would persuade HGTV to pick up the show.

Approximately 2 million of you tuned in on that Sunday which boosted Home Town to a ranking of #18 out of 100 shows in that time slot. Wow! Would that be enough viewership for HGTV to commission more episodes? We’ve all held our collective breaths for several weeks and were finally able to exhale this past Saturday when it was announced…. drumroll, please….. that Home Town would, indeed, be picked up by HGTV and ten more episodes will be filmed here this spring.

Because Southern Antiques (the store where my booth is located) was featured in the pilot, we have seen an increase in new customers specifically and more tourists in Laurel generally. We are all thrilled! Congratulations to Ben and Erin! Congratulations to Laurel! The best is yet to come!

Update: About a year ago I told you that my Mom (and treasure-hunting sidekick) had suffered a health setback which required that I spend more time caring for her. I’m sure you’ve noticed that my blogging has been erratic, to say the least. Her care has become even more challenging recently and is the reason for so few posts. I still have my booth at Southern Antiques and working it is a special source of relaxation for me. It’s harder to go treasure-hunting now, but thanks to some wonderful friends that are cleaning out closets, I have been able to acquire “new” items without going to sales. Thanks so much for your prayers for my Mom, and for me. We are lifted and encouraged by your support.