Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Thrill of the FIND!

The thrill of the HUNT is certainly exciting, but finally discovering a special item you’ve been hunting for is even more thrilling for me.  I got to experience the “thrill of the FIND” this past weekend. So what have I been looking for? See if you can figure it out…..

A few years ago, I bought this small blue Pyrex bowl…..

Then a few months later I found this green Pyrex bowl…..

Last year I found the large yellow Pyrex bowl…..

They look so lovely together, but something’s missing! Do you know what it is?

Sure you do!!! You don’t have to be a Pyrex fanatic to know that the one bowl missing from this Primary Colors mixing bowl set is the red one that nestles between the green bowl and the blue bowl. I have been looking for that red bowl for almost two years, asking everyone I know to tell me if they see one at a flea market or thrift store.

Well, my sweet hubby accompanied me to a country estate sale last weekend about 30 miles away. It was held in an old house that must have been close to a hundred years old and the contents inside were left by several generations of one family. Deep in one of the kitchen cupboards, I spotted the red rim of a bowl peeking above a stack of bowls it was sitting in. I almost dropped the fruit jar I had in my hand when saw it. I had to remove a couple of layers of custard cups and refrigerator dishes, but there it was…..

The object of two years of hunting. The FIND! The red Pyrex bowl. My Primary Colors mixing bowl set is finally complete!

Oh, yes! I found more at that sale, but the discovery of the red #402 Pyrex bowl deserved a post all its own. I’ll share my other finds in the next post.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Weekend Finds

Last weekend was one of those weekends when it seemed that everyone was hosting a yard sale. There were too many sales to go to them all, so it was decision time. I selected a couple of sales that mentioned antiques, collectibles or “cleaning out the garage” and set out early Friday morning.  Here’s a few of the things I found….

A nice carved picture frame, a rusty pick hoe and an equally rusty weather vane arm…

close-up of the carved frame

 I was thrilled to find an old Six-16 Brownie Jr camera and an 8mm movie camera….

It seemed everyone had graniteware to sell, so I bought a skillet, a plate, 2 lids and 2 ladles…

I wish everyone had Pyrex to sell, but at least I found two pieces……

I was so excited to find this great old table that I painted before I even thought to take a “before” picture. Here it is in my booth…..

Did you make it to any yard sales?

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