Wednesday, March 25, 2015


This wrought iron plant stand has been on my back porch for a couple of years now.

I bought it to re-sell, but after I got it home I noticed that one of the bottom curly leg supports was missing. You can see the flaw in the picture below. The stand was still quite substantial, so I’ve been using it to hold my Christmas cactus.

Even though it didn’t really need the extra support, that missing leg just bothered me. So recently I found a piece of pegboard (pictured above) that I thought might add a little something to the plant stand.

I “embroidered” the word GROW onto the pegboard with some old nylon cord I found in my husband’s workshop and then wired the sign to the plant stand in place of the missing support.

Now it’s ready for the booth and a new home. The pegboard gave a little extra support to the stand and, hopefully, the sign will encourage its future occupant to grow to its full potential.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Few Finds… Some are Green!

I miss you all! Mom is improving, but taking care of her still comes first and that means I don’t get to blog as much as I would like. We still need your prayers and appreciate your kind thoughts.

Mom likes to “go for a ride” in my car when the weather is not too rainy or cold.  If we see a yard sale along the way, we’ll stop and she will watch from the car while I check out the merchandise. I’ve managed to pick up a few goodies here and there, so I thought I would show you a few of those finds.

I read somewhere that blue is popular again. When was it ever unpopular? I found a set of kitchen utensils that match the ever popular cornflower blue pattern found on vintage Corning Ware, a blue/white crockery baking dish and a blue/white Johnson Bros bread and butter plate….

Sticking with the blue theme…… This Hall “Moderne” teapot is decorated in cadet blue with gold embellishments….

I also found a large ornate silver on copper tray, some vintage wooden hangers and a signed book by TN congresswoman Marsha Blackburn. Ms. Blackburn is actually from my hometown and graduated from my high school…..

I don’t usually buy dolls, but this little Eugene doll was so cute and she came with a Longaberger basket cradle. There were also a couple of bird figurines. The blue one is a Royal Copley and the green one is marked '65.'

I promised you a few green items, so how about some jadeite? It’s hard to find, but I “lucked out” and scored a few pieces…..

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!