Tuesday, September 15, 2015

In the Pink!

Today is the birthday of one of my closest friends. She loves pink, especially vintage pink items, and specifically vintage pink kitchenware. Retro pink kitchenware is hard to find, so usually I tell her as soon as I’ve discovered any vintage pink goodies. This time I decided to save a few items and share them with her (and you!) on her special day.

Let’s start with a pink/black McCoy vase…..

Large pink melamine platter…..

A roll of pink polka dot shelf paper in the original box…..

Flamingo pink Pyrex……

Retro pink apron……

And the sweetest and rarest find of all…..  

A pink Dormey hand mixer! 
Best of all… it works beautifully from “FOLD” through “WHIP.”

Happy Birthday, DB!

Hope the rest of you are “in the pink!”


  1. Everything always looks so much better in pink! Hard to choose a favorite, but I think it's the apron.

  2. Such darling finds for your friend! I love the mixer...that's a find.

  3. I Love ALL your pink treasures - as you know I would! It is amazing the mixer still works. Thank you for honoring my "passion" on my special day!?

  4. Very cool pink things! I have a couple of pink retro kitchen things in Juju Queen's Junk. A teapot with an aluminum cozy over the top, all in perfect condition, and something else...can't remember what at the moment, but I bought them from the same estate sale. Let me know if you would like to see pics.

  5. I love all of it! I'm a Pink girl also and these really are some special finds!
    Happy Birthday to your friend!

  6. Love that mixer, I gave all my vintage pink away already however I still love it
    Your friend gets a good birthday haul of pink ? right or were you just teasing her? LOL

  7. One of my friends has all red items in her kitchen. I have never seen so many pink ones before!

  8. lucky dear friend getting all those "pink" goodies. LOVE the mixer and that it works - how awesome ! Hope all is well with you and your mom and DH of course. Hope fall is coming to your neck of the woods. Melody

  9. Wow, the pink mixer is awesome! Even better that it still works! What fun gifts for your friend, how thoughtful!


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