Thursday, September 10, 2015

Figural Planters

I check my booth almost every day. I like to fluff the displays, chat with customers and, of course, see if anything has sold. When I checked the booth yesterday, I noticed that a small girl-with-goose planter had sold and it reminded me that I had recently bought several figural planters that I haven’t shown you.

Many pottery companies manufactured figural planters but, unfortunately, most of the companies didn’t mark them. I’ve indicated the makers that I know, but if you recognize a planter and know its maker, please let me know in your comment.

I do know that McCoy made this first planter. He’s a proud looking fellow, isn’t he…

Here’s another, more colorful, rooster planter….

I also found a mouse….

Two swans…..

And a cute lamb pushing a cart….

With the exception of the McCoy rooster, all of the planters above are fairly small. That is not the case with this last planter. Check out this 9” long vintage automobile planter….

 I think Santa might like to drive it to our Christmas Open House this year!

Do you collect figural planters?

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  1. Since I am "trying " to not collect anything else I don't collect those little animal planters however have one of my grandmothers and it's a double planter with birds best I can remember it's downstairs on the shelf above my studio Armour full of paper pretties .
    I would like to walk through your booth sure it's packed with goodies

  2. I collect mccoy (plus a few shawnee) planters that look like planters. ;)

  3. I wish I could help with identifying some of them, but I don't collect them, but I think they're adorable. The car will be perfect for Santa!! Thanks for sharing these at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  4. I can remember when all dish gardens to hospitals came in those planters. I even got one when my first child was born. I wish I had saved. When we're young we don't realize the sentimental value of things.

  5. What fun planters, Sherry! The lamb one is just darling! I often see neat vintage planters when I'm thrifting, and am always so tempted to pick them up!!

  6. I love figural planters and think they are great fun, but I'm also trying to stay away from anther collection! The car is perfect for Santa!!

  7. Checking your booth every day is what makes you so successful, I am sure it never gets stale. I love those little planters too, I used to sell a lot of the little planters that were given for new babies.



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