Thursday, August 6, 2015

Second 2015 City-Wide Yard Sale

The second City-Wide yard sale was held this past weekend in our city’s multi-purpose center. It was so nice to shop inside since temps have been soaring into the 90s here these past few weeks. The air-conditioning was especially nice since I also shopped a hot and muggy 14-mile yard sale before the City-Wide sale.

Between the two shopping venues, I found lots of goodies and it’s funny that most of them fell into two themes… Bowls and Christmas! Do you ever notice that you discover things in themes sometimes, or is it just me???

Oh well….. Let’s start with the bowls…..I found two Pyrex Colonial Mist bowls at the city-wide sale. I guess I’ve started another set of bowls….. because now I need to find the “blue on white” bowls that match!

More bowls….. Pyrex/Corning aqua striped cereal bowl, Federal “kitchen utensils” mixing bowl and a Hazel-Atlas scalloped edge mixing bowl.

I could NOT believe I found 4 jadeite berry bowls! Along with them, I bought a pretty vegetable bowl, a Hall Rose Parade milk pitcher and a blue onion creamer.

With Christmas Open House only a few months away, I bought a Coca-Cola Santa tray and a large candy tin featuring Victorian children…..

A silver-plate pastry server (still in original packaging), an angel ornament, a tree-shaped cake pan and a wood box embellished with “Peace on Earth” also made it home with me.

My cat’s favorite find were these two red feather Christmas trees. She thought I had brought two giant cardinals home just for her to play with!!!

I did find a couple of things that didn’t fit my “themes for a day”…..  I just couldn’t leave behind a 1970's McCoy Cookie Jug, a Cannon dishcloth and an old cherry motif sifter that still bears its 59 cent price mark.

It was a good day for me! 
What did you find?


  1. I love those big sales! You found some great items. I especially love the Hall rose parade milk pitcher and the jadeite bowls. The red feather trees made me smile as I can see Charlie getting all excited about the big 'birds' also! I do find that my finds run in themes also!

  2. Cute cherry sifter..the garage sales have stopped for this month and then pick up in Sept. Estate sales are where I find most of my treasures!

  3. A 14-mile yard sale and a city wide sale all in the same day? I'd be in junk heaven! You sure did find some great treasures. The theme thing happens to me too.

  4. Of course I love the Pyrex and Jadeite! I have yet to find anything at a yard sale, always seems to be clothes and junk so I just don't go. Love the blue and white pitcher too.

  5. I am cutting back on spending so enjoying "shopping" through sites like yours and viewing Craigslist and never going out to buy! LOL

  6. That haul was worth the heat & humidity!

  7. You had a successful shopping adventure!

  8. Looks like you had some luck! I just got home from the 127 World's Longest Yard Sale... I bought SO MUCH stuff!


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