Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Little Pampering

If you have read my last two posts, you know that I found some interesting vintage items at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, most of them needed a little tender loving care. It’s always nice to find pristine items for my booth, but if the truth be told, usually items need a little pampering before they are ready to be sold. Sometimes that pampering is as simple as a good soap-and-water bath…..most of the time it takes a little more effort.

I still haven’t decided what to do with the old rusty first aid kit, but I thought you might like to see the TLC I gave to some of the other items I bought at that estate sale.....

Remember these stained doilies….

After a good soaking in Vintage Textile Soak, they are ready for display.

I sell Vintage Textile Soak in my booth because I am so impressed with the job it does AND it’s easy on the hands.

The pretty Universal ball pitcher had a little roughness on the lip which allowed a nasty color to penetrate the china.

I just soaked the tip for a few hours in some 40% peroxide (you can find it at a beauty supply store, like Sally’s).

Here’s what it looks like now. Yes, the roughness is still there, but not the stain.

This interesting tole-painted metal box was a little very dirty. 

Using a light hand, I cleaned it with Barkeepers Friend, followed that with a coat of paste wax, and now it’s booth-worthy.

Finally, I added some character to a vintage loaf pan and an old card file with burlap and stenciling.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

“After the Snow” Estate Sale – Part 2

I promised to show you some more treasures I found at an estate sale held a couple of weeks ago just after our rare Deep South snow. The goodies in Part 1 were more sweet and pretty than the ones in this post. Rusty, crusty and primitive more closely describe the treasures in this Part 2-post. I know many of you prefer “rusty gold” so here we go….

I got this metal box after 2PM that day, so it was half price. I’m not sure what it was used for, but I liked the decorative painting. I’m thinking a mailbox….what do you think?

I can find NO information on this unusual brown metal box. Perhaps you can help. It’s marked Drinkwater Food Container, C. M. Drinkwater & Co., Chicago, Ill. USA, Size B (approx. 10x6x9.5). The clips on the top slide outward for removal of the lid. It’s very heavy and has a military vibe to it.

Another half-price find was this vintage J&J General First Aid Kit. 

It even had some of the original first aid items inside. 

How can you use an old kit like this? Well, check out a great post that Pam at House of Hawthornes published last year. She showed us how to use these old first aid kits as bathroom d├ęcor and storage.

On the primitive side, I found an old basket, a crudely-made stoneware pitcher and a heavy (5 lb) stoneware dog bowl; at least, I’m assuming it’s a dog bowl. There is no maker’s mark on either stoneware piece.

And finally, a couple of metal loaf pans and rusty recipe boxes are perfect targets for a little burlap embellishment. The smallest box was even full of handwritten recipes!!!

Do you prefer Sweet&Pretty or Rusty&Crusty?

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

“After the Snow” Estate Sale – Part 1

Snow Storm Leon melted away just in time for an estate sale this past weekend. That was excellent timing since we were house-bound for a couple of days due to the ice and snow and were ready to do some plundering. The estate sale was held for only one day, but I found so many things that I’m going to reveal them to you in two posts. I’m showing you the sweet and pretty goodies today….next time I’ll show you the rusty, crusty, primitive things.

The sale started at 8AM…..Mom and I got there about 10AM….then we went back at 2PM when they marked everything half price. Thank goodness it was held here in town, only a few miles away.

One of the half-price things I picked up was a bag of crocheted doilies and lace. There were also two nice sets of embroidered pillowcases.

I love ball pitchers. This one is by Universal Cambridge in the Woodvine pattern and it came with matching salt and pepper shakers.

Along with the Bauer #12 mustard-colored mixing bowl, I picked up an avocado green enamelware ladle and a Mexican tile. I was told the apron is a Native American design.

Of course, I found some old books….among them, a Hardy Boy mystery and an interesting book on Kit Carson.

I’ve always heard of McGuffey’s Readers. I found one along with a McCoy pitcher and a sweet Red Wing vase.

Lastly I uncovered a blue Frankoma planter and a sweet demitasse cup and saucer that is not marked, but I think is probably Blue Ridge. Check out that needlepoint pillow. Can you imagine the hours someone spent doing the needlepoint and making all those color changes?

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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