Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Opposites Attract

They say opposites attract, but could opposites like metal and burlap ever be attracted to each other? Well……yes! Betsy at My Salvaged Treasures showed us how she combined the two on several projects last year.

Used by permission. Thanks, Betsy!
Her post reminded me of an old metal file box that had been sitting in my booth far too long and inspired me to upgrade it a bit.

Following Betsy’s advice to apply Mod Podge to the metal box instead of the burlap, I adhered a strip of burlap to the front and then added the VIP stencil which stands for “Very Important Papers” of course!

I also made 3 burlap-topped magnets to make the old box more “attract”-ive…er, functional.

The project was really easy! Now I wish I had more metal items to up-cycle with burlap.

Actually, I think I will go digging in my garage for more metal because there is SNOW outside my window right now……

And it looks like we’ll be stranded for another day because the temps are so cold.

Talking about opposites attracting!  Snow and the Deep South!

This is historic, y’all!

Monday, January 13, 2014

First-of-the-Year Finds

There’s been a lack of yard sales and estate sales lately, but we finally had our first estate sale of the year. The weather was cool and foggy so Mom decided to let me go it alone since I wanted to get there early. That was a good decision on her part because the longer we early-birds stood in line, the cooler and mistier the weather became.

I got there 30 minutes early but found myself about 30 people from the front. I had my heart set on the only piece of Pyrex pictured on and I wondered how many of those 30 people in front of me had their heart set on the same piece. Hmmm!

Finally the door opened and I headed straight to the room where the Pyrex was pictured; but before I could get to the door of that room, I saw the object of my desire already in someone else’s arms. Boohoo!

Oh, well… wasn’t meant to be, but I did find these other treasures…..

Several small figurines….a Royal Copley bird, a Lefton birthday girl and a Made in Japan dog.

A bridal couple figurine, art deco picture frame and an old music dictionary…..

Wooden hangers are always on my list as well as old cookbooks and utensils…

Check out this stack of vintage aprons…..Wow!

A Shawnee Puss n Boots cookie jar was one of the featured items at the sale and I decided to get it since I missed the Pyrex. This one is the long-tailed version and is in great shape.

See anything you like?

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Digging the New Year

First of all…..Happy New Year!!!

Second of all……It’s freezing here in South Mississippi! Kudos to those of you living north of here! You’re tougher than me!!!

The end of 2013 yielded NO yard sales or estate sales and the thrift stores must be holding back all those holiday donations, so I decided to dig through some boxes in my storage room and garage to see if there were any vintage items that I haven’t shown you.

Well, I didn’t have to dig very far to find some things I had already forgotten that I bought (do you do that?)

I uncovered these two blue/white swirl enamelware pans.......

It was easy to spot this Oster Hair Dryer w/hot curlers. It still works! If I hadn’t already taken it to my booth, I could have gotten under it to stay warm!

I'm digging this old chicken waterer that I picked up at The Longest Yard Sale a few years ago. A couple of ceramic chicken figurines will make a fun display.

Sticking with the poultry theme, I found a large mid-century modern rooster platter and a rooster tidbit tray…..

Since the holidays are over, I took the time to remove the Christmas things from my booth. That gave me room for a "man-tiques" display. You’ll recognize some of the things I uncovered in the garage!

I also reworked the jade-ite table and added some Pyrex Spring Blossom Green to the display.

I always need a little New Year encouragement, so I added this chalkboard to the mix……


Stay Warm…..Happy New Year!!!