Monday, November 24, 2014

The Calm AFTER the Storm

Life was extremely hectic before our Christmas Open House earlier this month. I planned and priced for weeks, then created displays for several days prior to the big day. Thankfully, all the hard work paid off and we had a Fabulous Open House. Then….

Everything….. calmed….. down….. Don’t get me wrong….sales are still good, but filling in gaps in the displays is easy compared to creating the displays in the first place. This new “calm” made me anxious to hunt for more inventory, BUT cold weather came early to the deep South. Cold weather = no yard sales. Even estate sales gave me the cold shoulder! Finally we warmed up last weekend and sales that had been delayed until warmer weather were held and now I have something to blog about!!!

Mom and I attended an estate sale and a great yard sale held by a sweet local blog reader/customer. Here are a few of the things we found…..

A toy telephone and a child's pillowcase.....

Children's books and a vintage kaleidoscope.......

More books. This time Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries.....

USA goose planter and a folding yardstick.....

Vintage Detecto waste basket.......

Westmoreland beaded plate and 2 embroidered handcloths.....

And, of course, some kitchenware... A Pyrex flameware teapot, Fire-King swirl mixing bowl and a vintage toaster cover.....

Have the yard sales cooled off where you live?


  1. The yard sales pretty much stopped here in mid-October. There are a few "indoor" ones from time to time, but I won't see any until April, especially if we have a horrible winter like we did last year!

  2. I love the books you found and that cute toy phone! We drove to the beach on Saturday, through a few small towns and I said I had never seen so many yard sales and even sales set up along the highway. And we even drove past a big arts and crafts festival. That was a little hard to pass up....but I love the ocean more! I'm glad your open house went well! Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. I'm so happy to hear that it warmed up just long enough for you and your mom to get out and hunt. Love your sweet treasures especially the red, white, and blue yardstick and the adorable toaster cover. Not much action around here lately.

  4. There were a few yard sales earlier in the month, but then it got COLD! I've been pretty lucky at the thrift shops and have more Christmas goodies to share soon! Love the child's phone and the kitchen items always make me happy. So glad you had good sales! Say Hi to your Mom for me!

  5. The teapot and the Nancy Drew books were my favorites.

    Our garage sales are done for the season as the snow has begun. It's so sad to drive down the street and not feel that excited flutter of my heart when I spy a garage sale sign.

  6. Very interesting! Love the folding yard stick (and other finds!)


  7. I actually saw 1 yard sale last weekend. It was really cold and windy and I was sort of surprised they were actually having it still. I was bad and just did a drive by though. I could sort of tell from the end of the driveway that it wasn't my style of stuff :)


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