Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Recent Finds

It’s been a couple of weeks since I revealed some of the finds Mom and I have made at local estate sales. I hope you see something that you find interesting….

Mom spotted these two “Original Apple Bakers” and I found a beautiful cherry art tile…

I have found and sold bacon presses before, but this was the first time I had seen a bull press…for hamburger, I suppose…..

I found this pretty ceramic frame by Fitz and Floyd as well as a honey pot and a brass letter opener featuring a dogwood blossom…..

I was excited to find a white Hall teapot that has its own chrome cozy and a Waechtersbach Santa mug that I know my friend, Linda @ A LaCarte, will be thrilled to see.

If you would like to know more about Waechtersbach mugs, check out Linda’s post here.

I hope you can see the orangy translucence on these two milk glass juices. The little book shown with them is actually a cookbook entitled The Williamsburg Art of Cookery. Check out the title page…. Interesting “colonial” typography is used throughout the book….

I know it’s very popular now to paint all furniture, but this little 24” stool is in perfect condition and I’ve decided to sell it as is. The new owner can cover up its unblemished finish if he/she desires….

Lastly, I found one more colorful thing to add to my fall/Halloween colors display….. orange enamelware grill plates. Perfect for partying!


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  1. You've been holding out on us:-) Love the graphics in the old cookbook. I've never seen a bull press either; I think the hamburger theory is right on. Thanks for sharing your vintage goodies at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  2. Love your finds -- the cookbook is awesome! Wonder if Helen Bullock is a relative! Lol :-) deb

  3. Love when you show us your finds. You always have something fun and interesting to share. Oh you know I LOVE the Santa mug! That's a design I haven't seen before.(thanks for the mention my friend), The orange grill plates are very cool! I love the font on the cookbook. Great things as always Sherry!

  4. Great finds! I love that honey pot and the teapot with the chrome cozy. Too sweet!

  5. I like that letter opener....I haven't seen one of those in years! Enjoy your week. It was nice and cool here today. What a change! Hugs, Diane

  6. What wonderful finds. I especially like the grill plates. Have a great week!

    Hugs, Dianne

  7. Such fun finds. My favorites: the copper letter opener, the honey pot (LOVE bees!), and the Hall teapot with the chrome cozy (super cool). Have a great week-end :)

  8. I just went to an estate sale today and was disappointed in their pricing methods. While I don't expect garage sale prices, I don't want to pay retail or above. Two examples: 1) a waste basket marked $4 by the estate sale company - $4 price listed on the bottom, showing an large sticker Odd Lots price tag. 2) $12 for a medium-sized rectangular covered woven basket - Home Goods tag on item marked out in black marker, but not concealed enough that I could see, was $9.99. It's discouraging when I see this, and I will probably not attend another estate sale held by this company again - even when items are 25% off the next day, and further reduced to %50 off the last two hours they are open. I still feel cheated. I wonder how other people find such fantastic items at estate sales. Is it because they will pay top dollar? Are their company's pricing tactics more in line with what people are willing to pay? I don't get it. Can anyone commiserate or offer information? Thank you.

  9. Hi there! Love that teapot.And, I never saw Apple bakers before (or never noticed them). Reading your blog always makes me smile.

  10. Cool finds. Thanks for sharing @ TTF!


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