Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Just WHO is This Guy?

I bought this little guy at an estate sale a couple weeks ago. The word, anthropomorphic, came to mind. I turned him over expecting to see the mark for Holt Howard, but I was wrong. He was vintage and very cute. At least I was right about that!

I took him to the checkout table and the lady commented that he was one of the cutest pumpkins she had ever seen. I agreed that he was very good-looking but I thought he was an onion, not a pumpkin. I explained that I thought he was supposed to hold baking soda (see the holes in the top), and be placed in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.

Holes in the top

Rubber plug in the bottom

I took my little anthropomorphic cutie home, removed the black rubber plug in the bottom to clean out the old baking soda but, to my surprise, baking soda didn’t come out. Several garlic cloves did!

Oh, my! Had I been so wrong about this little guy? 

He isn’t a pumpkin, but is he a head of garlic or an onion? Is he a refrigerator baking soda holder or a garlic keeper? Garlic keepers usually have a lid and are larger than my little friend. I’m thinking he’s a baking soda holder, but I’m not sure. I’m still thinking he’s an onion, but I’m not sure about that either. I also don't know who made him.

Just look at that face! 
Only HE knows who he is and he’s not telling!

Just WHO is this guy?  
Do YOU know???

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  1. He does look a little like a pod of garlic...and how cute he is, too! And doesn't he know it! haha! Enjoy your afternoon. Hugs!

  2. He so adorable and definitely not a pumpkin. My vote is that he's a sweet garlic holder. Just as cute as can be. Thanks Sherry for sharing him at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  3. Just found this salt or pepper shaker on Ebay for $3.99. Although they advertised it as Vintage, I found a new similar garlic keeper on a website of inexpensive kitchen accessories.

    1. Maybe this:

  4. Love him, but don't think he's vintage at all. Plug is new and bottom is not finished well. Garlic holder,

  5. He's cute! I've never seen one before but my guess is a garlic holder.

  6. I was reading onion but I was thinking garlic! So yes, a garlic head! Cute as can be!!

  7. It's Gilroy the garlic guy. I used to have one for baking soda in the fridge.


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