Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Unusual For Me!

I’ve bought some things in the last few weeks that are hard for me to find or rare for me to buy. I have already told you about the 5-gallon pickle jar I bought last week, but here are a few more items I haven’t shared with you…..

I love Cosco kitchen step stools but they are hard to find and even harder to find in good shape. I couldn’t believe I scored this one last weekend….

Vintage suitcases are getting scarce locally, but I found this Samsonite at a local estate sale. It is in great shape and even has the key!

Jadeite is always on my shopping list, but I rarely find it. This 11.5” Fire-King restaurant ware platter was a great score for me.

Needlepoint is popular for covering chairs, stools and benches and I hit the mother lode recently. This is just a sample of several canvases I bought, both completed and unworked. Check out the petit point canvas on the left.

Over the years, I have sold a few examples of the things I’ve listed above, but last weekend I purchased something for the first time ever.

Yep….I bought my first blow mold item. This cute little snowman and his mini-me is only 12” tall. He’ll make his debut at our Christmas Open House this year.

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  1. Congratulations Sherry on your first ever blow mold. I can't believe how popular and expensive they're getting around here. Yours is so cute! Love the jadeite and the beautiful needlepoint. I rarely see those big step stools in good condition, you did good. Thanks so much for bringing your treasures to the party.

  2. Isn't the snowman adorable! You found some neat things. It's amazing what you can find and usually not what you expect. Enjoy your evening! Hugs!

  3. I have let go of my two blow molds but love the one you found. It will 'star' at your open house. That suitcase is awesome, so hard to find vintage in good condition! You work hard for your finds but they are always so great I think it's worth it!

  4. Congrats on entering the world of blow molds. I officially have them for Christmas, Halloween, Easter and Valentines day...

  5. Wonderful finds... especially the jadeite and blow mold. I host a thrifty link up party (that opens today @ noon) - you should come link up! :)

  6. Great finds! I collect jadeite, and have for many years, but I rarely find any at the thrift stores. I mostly find it at estate sales. Love all of your found treasures.

  7. I like it all. I found my daughter a yellow cosco step stool last year at a sale for $25 which I was happy to get for her bright yellow
    And I would have wanted that needle point work love it. I have gave just about all my jadite away to friends.
    I always love the vintage christmas things you pick up

  8. Great finds -- I have identical stool from the '80s probably. LOVE the platter! Deb

  9. You've entered the official blow mold club now. It's a hard club to get out of too :)

  10. Congrats on entering the blow mold club. That one is a cutie. I never find Jadeite. I think you scored on all the things! Hugs, Dianne

  11. Once you start with the blow molds, you never go back. I finally sold all my collection of Empire Plastic ones - they were mostly bought for under a dollar each. So there was a profit! My favorite is the platter.

  12. Great buys! Loving the needllepoint and the Cosco stool--I'm sure they'll sell quickly.

  13. Sherry, I don't have a jadeite platter--great find! I have a cosco stool that I recovered with cherry oil cloth :) Blessings, Cecilia


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