Thursday, August 7, 2014

Two Big Sales

Why is it that the really good sales are all scheduled at once? Last weekend we had to choose between the City-Wide Rummage Sale held at our large multi-purpose center and a 14-mile yard sale held in a neighboring community. Actually we were able to attend both, but we went to the City-Wide Sale first. By the time we made it to the 14-mile sale, most sellers had packed up; however, we did find some goodies at both venues……

I found a pretty hand-painted plate dated 1954 as well as a sweet figurine of two birds on a branch…..

I picked up two more pretty plates by Myott in the Forget-Me-Not pattern. I also bought a bell jar/cloche with no top handle but if you look closely you can see a hole in the top so it will be easy to add an interesting knob…..

A vintage planter featuring an old-fashioned water pump called out to me….

And three cute kittens called out as well….

I broke my rule of not buying partial china sets (again), but English transferware is hard to pass up. This pattern is Rosedale by Wood & Sons.

Pyrex is always on my focus list….

And I couldn’t pass up this Sunbeam Vacuum Coffeepot. I love its art deco styling but I’m not very familiar with the way it works.

Do any of you have experience with a vacpot?


  1. I know what you mean about having to decide between two promising looking sales. I think you're going to have to rewrite the rule book on buying partial china sets, it's so pretty. I found one of those coffeepots before, but I never did figure out how to use it before I sold it.

  2. I have never heard of that type of coffee pot. Sure looks interesting! And now I'm going to go track down the old kitchen hand pump that's around here somewhere. It was in the house when we moved here years ago, before we remodeled. I've always thought it would be fun to have it in working order.

  3. That coffee pot is Too Cool!! Of course, got to love the pyrex!

  4. I don't remember that coffee pot but it has nice lines. And I love those little kittens! Enjoy your weekend ahead! Hugs, Diane

  5. You found some beautiful plates, Sherry! And I love the kitties in the basket. I've never heard of that kind of coffee pot. Tomorrow is the start of Michigan's Longest garage sale. I'll hit some sales up, but I just can't last all day like some die hard shoppers do!!

  6. Sherry the china is gorgeous and I think I would have had to buy it also! Love the coffee pot but not familiar with it, I think my friend Carter might have one. He collects coffee pots, I'll ask him about it! Sounds like you found some great deals!

  7. Love your finds - especially the Pyrex. I also hate when all the good sales are in one weekend. I have to choose between three super awesome auctions next weekend!

  8. You did good -- as usual! LOVE the kitties, but trying not to add to my vast collection! (Stay strong, Deb -- stay strong!)


  9. You got some good stuff! That coffee pot is to die for!

  10. I have my grandmother's -please post directions when you find out


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