Tuesday, August 12, 2014

One Big Sale

There was only one estate sale this weekend, so it was a no-brainer to check it out. I had viewed the pictures on estatesales.net and didn’t really see anything that interested me; but of course, the pictures don’t show everything and I filled 2 boxes with vintage treasures. Here’s what I found……

Vintage kitchenware… graniteware plate, Hazel Atlas criss-cross reamer, wood-handled utensils and an aluminum pitcher…

Fenton carnival glass dish…..

Vintage patchwork apron…..

More aprons….  Christmas is just right around the corner, you know.

Crystal salad set….

What? No Pyrex, you ask…..  Well, I did buy this mini refrigerator dish for its lid. I plan to put the faded bottom in my booth with a sign to read…. “This is what happens when you put colored Pyrex in the dishwasher… Don’t do it!”

Please hand wash your colored Pyrex!

As I was about to leave the sale, I saw a rather large Mason Jar; 5-gallons large to be exact. My initial research suggests that it once held pickles. I bought it and the one-quart Presto fruit jar that sits next to it.

Pickle, anyone?

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  1. I sure love those Christmas aprons! You found some real treasures this week! Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. Aren't you glad you went anyway? You just never know what's lurking behind the scenes. That apron is adorable and I love the aluminum pitcher. Great idea to put a warning sign on the Pyrex. Thanks so much Sherry for linking up to the Vintage Inspiration Party.

  3. I love all of the above. I used to collect the aluminum pieces and the red handles kitchen utensils. These are great finds!

  4. You never know how good a sale is going to be until you get their...What they think is picture worthy is not always what we do. And Christmas linen, yep I buy it all year long...You have such a good eye!


  5. So many cute things, but I also love that big mason jar!

  6. I have my grandmother set of glass fork and spoon I always called them I should have known they were a salad set I even have the a large glass bowl to match someplace ?

  7. I would love to buy the mason jar! My son broke my mom's and it's been impossible finding a replacement.

    1. I would love to sell it to you, but it sold last week. I'm so sorry. Check ebay... I've seen them there.


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