Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"H" is for Happy!

Even though it’s “yard sale season,” there just doesn’t seem to be as many sales this year. The temps have been quite hot so maybe that has been a factor; however, Mom and I did get out to one yard sale and a small estate sale last weekend. I’m very HAPPY with the things we found. Take a look…….

You can never have too many wooden hangers and yardsticks, can you?

Mom spotted 2 cobalt wire-top canisters and I found a starfish paperweight that will look great in the beach display in my booth.

These brass napkin rings will also fit my beach/nautical theme. There are 2 boxes of 4 different napkin rings still wrapped in plastic…never used. I’m HAPPY!

Trivets are always practical. I bought two oval wire trivets and the “bread warmer” is made by Frankoma.

Utensils always sell well for me. I really like that sling-type sifter & the unusual handle on the ladle.

I “Heart” Pyrex and I’m always HAPPY to bring some home!

These books are 100 years old! I was told the grandfather was a preacher.

Finally I found this sweet little candy dish at the bottom of a stack of dishes. I loved its etched work and little handles. It's only 6" in diameter.

Once I got home and was washing it, I felt something rough on the bottom and tried to scrape it off with my fingernail thinking is was just price sticker residue. The roughness would not scrape off. Wait! Maybe it’s a maker’s mark! I dried it off and took it to the nearest window….. Look! An “H” in a diamond!

That stands for HEISEY!!!



  1. Love the napkin rings and paperweight -- let me know. Also, love the candy dish! I see why you are happy!


  2. You sure know how to track down the treasures. That starfish is really unusual and so pretty. Loving those old books and the Pyrex of course. Happy to hear you didn't scrape the H off:-)

  3. Everything you found is great, but I especially love the starfish paperweight!

  4. The cobalt blue is so pretty and I love that last little dish! Sooooo pretty! Good finds. This heat hasn't been fun for sales at all.

  5. Love, love, love the starfish!

  6. I really like the looks of the old books
    they always yell at me when I go to sales LOL

  7. Heisey glass reminds me of my mother who used to have a collection of it. :) I'm going through a little nautical phase as well and love those napkin rings!

  8. Great pieces, especially the pyrex! I don't collect it, but I'm thinking about stating a collection of blues and yellows.


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