Thursday, June 19, 2014

Child's Play

I don’t buy many vintage children’s items, but I have found several lately that I haven’t told you about. I’ve discovered them at estate sales, church sales, storage unit sales and thrift stores.

I know I’ve shown you a group of Little Golden Books recently, but here’s yet another stack I found at a church rummage sale….

There were other children’s books, too…..

Remember Holly Hobbie? This high chair is just the right size for a favorite doll...

A little pink rocking chair is the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a while and is sized for a doll or a stuffed bear…..

decal on back of rocking chair

A child’s plate is very practical. Notice the wear to the decal on the bottom section…

But can you imagine feeding a child in this unusual embossed metal plate?

The rim is decorated with the alphabet, but the center shows two birds (one is dead!). It reads, Who killed cock robin…. I said the sparrow with my bow & arrow…. I killed cock robin. Hmmm…. Just what I would want to see when I sat down to eat!

This last group has to be my all-time favorite.

That teapot is just under 3” tall!

I did NOT know they made toy-sized Corning Ware. 
Did you?


  1. HI Sherry,
    I'm a sucker for vintage childrens' collectibles...books, dolls, tea sets, games, dollhouses, doll clothes, toys...they bring back happy memories, I guess. I love the Little Golden Books...remember reading them to my children. Really enjoyed this post!

  2. The child size items are always too cute!!! Can't go wrong with children's books either!

  3. You know I LOVE all the children's things! The little rocker is so very sweet and Golden books? Oh my! I wish I could sit down and look through them all! Have a wonderful week my friend! Hugs!

  4. What fun things you have found! I do love child size items and seem drawn to small things more and more. The corning ware is precious! Hoping you are having a good week. The heat is getting to me a little bit!! I did hit a thrift store the other day and will write a post tomorrow I think! Yay me!
    Hugs, Linda

  5. How old do you think the Child's Bible Reader is?! And, I love the corning ware. If only it were cornflower blue!
    And, no, I would not feed my child out of the metal plate, but it is unique.
    You found some treasures!


  6. I love the child's corning ware set! So cute!

  7. These are all so sweet. That embossed plate is so unusual and strange too. Love the tiny Corning Ware set and that adorable rocking chair.

  8. Oh, that tiny Corning Ware is the cutest. I didn't know it was made in child size either. Of course, now I'll be on the lookout for it. :)

  9. Cute, cute, cute! I love the little Corning Ware!

  10. your blog is always like taking a trip down memory lane. Love seeing these finds...I miss going to garage sales and flea markets...I've got to get out more often. I think you've inspired me!

  11. I just sold a huge set of blue and white Corningware toy dishes on ebay. I didn't know they made it either and I was tempted to keep it but money won out over sentimentality (and my urge to hoard). Went for good money too!

  12. I think I HAD toy size Corning ware......wonder where it is? Oh no let me go tear up the house! ha Yes I had Hollie Hobbie stuff too growing up.


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