Thursday, June 19, 2014

Child's Play

I don’t buy many vintage children’s items, but I have found several lately that I haven’t told you about. I’ve discovered them at estate sales, church sales, storage unit sales and thrift stores.

I know I’ve shown you a group of Little Golden Books recently, but here’s yet another stack I found at a church rummage sale….

There were other children’s books, too…..

Remember Holly Hobbie? This high chair is just the right size for a favorite doll...

A little pink rocking chair is the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a while and is sized for a doll or a stuffed bear…..

decal on back of rocking chair

A child’s plate is very practical. Notice the wear to the decal on the bottom section…

But can you imagine feeding a child in this unusual embossed metal plate?

The rim is decorated with the alphabet, but the center shows two birds (one is dead!). It reads, Who killed cock robin…. I said the sparrow with my bow & arrow…. I killed cock robin. Hmmm…. Just what I would want to see when I sat down to eat!

This last group has to be my all-time favorite.

That teapot is just under 3” tall!

I did NOT know they made toy-sized Corning Ware. 
Did you?