Monday, May 12, 2014

Forgotten Finds!

Though it’s now warmer weather, there doesn’t seem to have been as many yard sales this spring. I guess Easter weekend, Mother’s Day weekend and the unusually heavy amount of rainfall we’ve had lately has spoiled the number of sales so far. Of course, fewer sales gives me the opportunity to dig through boxes of things I’ve already bought and, in doing so, I realized that there were a few things that I had not shown you yet. So let me correct my oversight and show you some of those “forgotten finds”…….

I’ve read somewhere that brass is making a comeback, so I hope someone will love this interesting 5-light candelabra. There’s also an elegant gravy boat and a small piece of tatting…..

Here’s a better picture of the gravy boat….It’s marked Haviland/Limoges.

Changing from the pretty to the practical, I found several aluminum/candy molds…..

A large red tool box, a Steelmaster card file, a flower frog, and for fun…a turtle letter holder…

Even though the next item has already sold, I wanted to show you an old match holder that I upcycled…..

It was already painted black and had a messed up face. I scuffed it up a bit around the edges, added some burlap to that ugly face and stenciled a flame onto the burlap. I'm glad it has already found a new home!

What was your last Forgotten Find?


  1. Love all your finds. I just saw a cooking show on the food network yesterday that used that little aluminum candy mold to make Madeleine cookies for a tea party. :)

  2. Fun stuff. I just passed up a ton of brass last weekend at the city wide. I had it when I was first married and will never go back to it...LOL. Didn't know people were looking for it now or I could have mailed you a bunch!
    Hopefully, your sales will pick up now. There were more sales this time than there have been in the last few years. I think the tougher the times, the more sales there will be.

  3. Great finds! I'm so sure I have forgotten finds in packed boxes in my house also!!
    hugs, Linda

  4. Mine was a wall pocket I found in the trunk of my car! I think I still have my brass pieces, just like Tete from when I got married!

  5. Brass is selling well in Portland -- mainly animal figurines, especially deer, and candleabras just like the one in your photo. My forgotten finds are still in boxes in storage, waiting to be re-discovered. :)

  6. I heard copper was making a come back too! I am so ocd that I don't store many things away.....I did forget how many buttons on cards that i have....drawers full!


  7. you have a special knack!


  8. What a fun idea for the match holder. I really like the red tool box and the aluminum molds. I heard a rumor about brass coming back also, but I haven't seen any sign of it here, really like that candelabra though. I rediscover something just about every day out in my garage.

  9. We are all hoping brass will make a comeback...maybe a bit of upcycling will give it new life on the market. Love the match holder...very cleverly re-done...not surprised it already has a new home. Great finds and nice always.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  10. I never knew brass wasn't in! Haha! Great finds, love the little shell "Madeleine" pan.

  11. Sherry - I have so many forgotten items I have bought that I couldn't count them! LOL I'm getting ready to change out my brass fixtures in the bath so I'm sure as soon as I do, it'll come back in with a vengenance!

    Thanks for dropping by 20 North Ora.


  12. Love that gorgeous gravy boat! Wow, I need to shop with you!

  13. {}
    Why I think your "Gravy Boat" is not a gravy boat!

    1. Interesting, but I still think it's a gravy boat.

  14. Wow. I haven't looked for any forgotten finds lately, but I'm sure they are there. Those candy molds...I have them and actually use them to bake may banana bread! I always thought they were just fun little baking pans!! Ha! Well, you learn something new everyday.

  15. Hi Sherry, These are great forgotten finds. It's like Christmas when you find stuff you bought ages ago and forgot about, isn't it? Enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend,


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