Tuesday, April 8, 2014

That and This!

Yard sale season is finally here…..Mom and I visited several of them last weekend. I could have filled several closets with all the used clothes I saw, but vintage items were hard to find. Maybe those items will come out of hiding in the coming weeks!

We did find some sweet smalls…..

Check out this cute little girl wearing an orange hat and carrying a teal purse. She’s the object of a small Made-in-Japan planter...

I’m not sure the age or maker of this cute set of brown bunnies, but Easter is just around the corner so I grabbed them……

I also bought this unusual figurine with a rabbit emerging from a cracked egg. It’s signed R. Miranda, Mexico. It seems that this is just one of a series of cracked egg figurines. Check Ebay and you’ll find the series includes a giraffe, fish, elephant…..even a clown.

I also found some pretty plates made by desirable manufacturers like Homer Laughlin, Noritake and Haviland…..

I decided to create a cake stand with one of the plates using a glass base I found several years ago……

So much for “that”!...... 

Now check out “this”………!

I have blogged and bragged about my pretty absolutely gorgeous Lady Banks rose bush in the past, but I had to show off her breath-taking blooms again this year….. I hope you don’t mind!!!


Spring has finally Sprung!


  1. Love the cracked egg with rabbit -- and the two other bunnies. Your roses are outstandingly beautiful!


  2. Those flowers are GORGEOUS!!!!!


  3. Your roses are so pretty, Sherry! You really have a green thumb! I love that little girl planter, she's just darling! I would have a hard time parting with that piece!

  4. Hooray for the return of yard sale season and beautiful roses! Springtime at its very best :)

  5. Those yellow roses are spectacular...so ruffly and pretty! It's so nice to see flowers in bloom again. We have wildflowers all along the highways right now. I sure love your finds...the bunny on the egg is adorable! Enjoy your week my friend! Hugs, Diane

  6. We don't mind at all...Love your rose bush!! that is the cutest bunny coming out of the egg...I think you did pretty good shopping in and amongst the clothes lol!


  7. Beautiful roses and you should show us every year for sure! The bunny is cute and I'm sure with Easter coming you will sell it. I know you and your Mom enjoy the yard and Estate sales so much!
    hugs, Linda

  8. It looks like you found some fun treasures even if you did have to weed through all the clothes. Your roses are stunning, wish I could grow them like that.

  9. Love all your finds. I haven't seen any sales around here yet, too many consignment shops and everyone is selling on facebook. And they want too much for everything! We have the city wide coming up in May. Can't wait for that. Hope you do better this weekend. Love that rose!

  10. I had one of those bunnies in the 70s, if that helps any.

  11. Your roses are gorgeous! The girl planter is adorable. You can never have to many kitschy planters :)


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