Monday, April 28, 2014

Pack a Lunch and Let's Go!

Doesn’t the sunny, breezy spring weather make you want to pack a picnic lunch and spend some time outdoors? I love this season of the year and spend as much time outside as possible before the hot, humid summer weather takes over.

Recently I found a wicker picnic basket that I thought would be perfect for a visit to the neighborhood park or even a quiet lunch in a shady part of your back yard.

Check out all the things that are inside……a Thermos, a sandwich box, gingham-check napkins, melamine mugs and even wicker paper plate holders.

If you prefer grilling, I found a great set of matching grill utensils, a Wear-Ever folding skillet and a blue/white spatter graniteware coffeepot.

I even discovered a fun and nostalgic read to take along.

I’m ready to picnic, but it looks like the weather is not going to cooperate for a couple of days. We are in the path of severe weather that has brought destructive tornadoes to areas west of us. My heart goes out to those affected and my prayers for those of us waiting and watching for the storms to pass through our area.

Hope you have “picnic weather” where you are!


  1. What a neat picnic basket! I see a lot of them in the thrift store....I'm going to have to start checking inside of them. I never thought to do that and walked right past one today. We went hiking yesterday morning and packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and apple slices for lunch. It was in the ice chest though! lol It was 89 degrees when we finished! TOO HOT to hike! lol I just got back from the old thrift store.....wish you had been with me! Hugs!

  2. You're going to be putting that sweet picnic basket to good use real soon.

  3. I think there is bad weather in the southeast. Nashville has tornado and flash flood warnings today. Stay safe. Gray skies are gonna clear up. I love the basket but especially all the great things inside. It was 93 here and so humid. That I hate about GA. Have a great day and a picnic soon!

  4. We're getting slammed with rain for the next few days, too. They're saying severe weather likely this evening. Hope nothing bad happens!

  5. I used to take the kids to the park for picnics when they were smaller. I wish I would have had a cute picnic basket full of goodies like that!


  6. I love picnic baskets! Just so fun to pack a lunch and go somewhere outdoors. I am watching the bad weather news right now. Prayers that you are safe.
    hugs, Linda

  7. I love picnic baskets and had one in the trunk of the car for years, packed and ready to go- not with the food. When the boys were in jr and sr high, we were always going to banquets and dinners or eating on the run in the parking lot of some kind of game. I just turned mine into my sewing basket, as those days are past. It sure came in handy. I always packed extras in case another parent showed up without.

  8. Ooh -- that folding skillet is interesting! I've never seen one before. And coincidentally, I was in love with Nancy Drew books as a kid and have recently begun to reread some of them. They're still great! Hope happier weather heads your way today.

  9. If we can get through this season of storms, picnics will be fun! Love the basket and utensils, especially the folding skillet.


  10. I hope you got through all of your bad weather OK! I remember those wicker plate holders, we used them all the time when I was a kid!


  11. Oh, we had that same picnic basket and yes, I still have my Nancy Drew, "The Phantom of Pine Hill." Reading your blog is like taking a trip down memory lane. I wish I had more time to read.


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