Monday, April 28, 2014

Pack a Lunch and Let's Go!

Doesn’t the sunny, breezy spring weather make you want to pack a picnic lunch and spend some time outdoors? I love this season of the year and spend as much time outside as possible before the hot, humid summer weather takes over.

Recently I found a wicker picnic basket that I thought would be perfect for a visit to the neighborhood park or even a quiet lunch in a shady part of your back yard.

Check out all the things that are inside……a Thermos, a sandwich box, gingham-check napkins, melamine mugs and even wicker paper plate holders.

If you prefer grilling, I found a great set of matching grill utensils, a Wear-Ever folding skillet and a blue/white spatter graniteware coffeepot.

I even discovered a fun and nostalgic read to take along.

I’m ready to picnic, but it looks like the weather is not going to cooperate for a couple of days. We are in the path of severe weather that has brought destructive tornadoes to areas west of us. My heart goes out to those affected and my prayers for those of us waiting and watching for the storms to pass through our area.

Hope you have “picnic weather” where you are!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Exception to the Rule

When I go to estate sales and yard sales to buy vintage items for my booth, I have at least one rule: I won’t buy sets of china. I might buy a piece or two of a pattern, but not a large quantity. Why? Well, sets are a hard sell for me. They usually sit in the booth, and take up space, for a long time.

As you have probably guessed by the title of this post, I sometimes make an exception to my own rule. One exception is for the Blue Willow pattern.

Grandmothers, mothers and aunts have passed down their Blue Willow over the years and it is still a beloved pattern in this region. At least I hope that is still the case, because I just bought quite a few pieces.

Blue Willow has been manufactured by several china companies (Homer Laughlin, Churchill, Japan) but my recent purchase was made by Johnson Bros. 

Did you know that there is a love story behind the Willow pattern? Click here to read a previous post I published concerning the history of the Willow pattern.

* * * * * * *

While I'm confessing my Willow purchase, I'm also going to confess yet another exception to my rule.

I bought 25 pieces of one of the prettiest patterns I have seen in a long time, Ivanhoe by Minton China. The pastel colors of the delicately raised pattern just screamed “spring” so I displayed them in a prominent place in the booth just yesterday.

I think the partial set would display beautifully in a china cabinet or “mixed and matched” with other pastel-colored china patterns.

Do you ever break your own treasure-hunting rules?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

That and This!

Yard sale season is finally here…..Mom and I visited several of them last weekend. I could have filled several closets with all the used clothes I saw, but vintage items were hard to find. Maybe those items will come out of hiding in the coming weeks!

We did find some sweet smalls…..

Check out this cute little girl wearing an orange hat and carrying a teal purse. She’s the object of a small Made-in-Japan planter...

I’m not sure the age or maker of this cute set of brown bunnies, but Easter is just around the corner so I grabbed them……

I also bought this unusual figurine with a rabbit emerging from a cracked egg. It’s signed R. Miranda, Mexico. It seems that this is just one of a series of cracked egg figurines. Check Ebay and you’ll find the series includes a giraffe, fish, elephant…..even a clown.

I also found some pretty plates made by desirable manufacturers like Homer Laughlin, Noritake and Haviland…..

I decided to create a cake stand with one of the plates using a glass base I found several years ago……

So much for “that”!...... 

Now check out “this”………!

I have blogged and bragged about my pretty absolutely gorgeous Lady Banks rose bush in the past, but I had to show off her breath-taking blooms again this year….. I hope you don’t mind!!!


Spring has finally Sprung!