Sunday, March 9, 2014

“Tray” Chic

Since our unusually cold southern weather seems to have cancelled the yard sales around here, I have resorted to taken advantage of the opportunity to complete a few projects. Digging in my “to do” pile, I found three trays that needed major makeovers.......

I was so anxious to get some paint on this lacy brass frame that I almost forgot to take a “before” picture. It looks pretty sad, huh?

A few coats of white spray paint and bright floral paper under a new piece of glass makes that old frame ready for spring.

The second tray featured a nice reverse-painted mirror but the surrounding wood was drab, at best.

A little chalk paint, some distressing and a coat of paste wax brightened it up, I think.

The last tray probably changed the most dramatically. A wooden tray with a moose painted in the middle just doesn’t fit South Mississippi decor.

So more chalk paint, aqua “flour sack” stripes, a coat of paste wax and voila!

"Tray" chic?

Tres chic!

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  1. Love all the trays and the last one is my fav~what a great change you made to it. Love the Aqua!! Tres Chic!
    hugs, Linda

  2. Tres chic indeed! Love how you transformed the vintage brass frame, it's so pretty! I'm always hunting for those frames too, they always look so much better painted! The reverse mirror tray turned out great, and what an awesome idea with the aqua and white tray, what a huge improvement! Perfect for your vintage aqua pieces!

  3. My favorite is the white, lacy tray. Linda@Wetcreek Blog, Wetcreek Museum Blog, and new At Vintageous Blog

  4. Yea for the trays!!! Well I love them all! I bet somewhere out there a moose lover is pretty sad, but us flour sack lovers are in heaven...Great job!


  5. What a difference your efforts made! Stunning! So not so bad for no sales going on.

  6. Tres, tres, tres tray chic! All are beautiful!!!


  7. Wow, you did good! Love all these favorite is the painted flour sack tray. Let's hope the sales start up again soon.

  8. I have lots of trays just waiting to be painted! I can't wait for it to get a little warmer so I can start. Thanks for the inspirations.


  9. Great job and so inspiring. There are SO many projects that I've started and left undone - time to get to work!

  10. Love all the trays! New Follower.

  11. Sherry,
    These tray makeovers are brilliant! I especially love #3. ~Cheryl
    p.s. That Moose tray must have migrated down to Mississippi from up here in Maine!

  12. OK, I have to make one of those flowered trays. Very springy!


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