Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Rest of the Story

After the drama of finding the Pyrex bowls in my last post, I promised you that I would show you some of the other things that I found at the estate sale.

I was happy to bring home an old aluminum stove-top coffeemaker, a hand-painted enamelware pot w/lid, and several vintage utensils.

This little one-handed sifter was too cute to pass up. I also grabbed a crocheted potholder and an interesting Canadian cookbook that was hidden in the pantry.

One cookbook is never enough so I picked up a few more…..even one from my town’s centennial celebration from over 30 years ago.

But the thing that made me smile the most (besides the Pyrex bowls, of course) was this Kromex beehive ice bucket with a Lucite handle.

Happy Treasure Hunting!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Estate Sale Drama!

A couple of weekends ago, Mom and I got up extra early to get to an estate sale that was being held in a nearby community. I had looked at the pictures on and had spotted a set of aqua/white Pyrex Cinderella nesting bowls and it looked like they were in the Butterprint pattern. Without a close-up view I couldn’t determine their condition, but it didn’t matter. I knew I wanted to be first to check them out. There were other kitchenware items, like a Corning Ware teapot, that I spotted so it would be worth the trip.

We arrived early enough to be within 15 people from the door. Mom and I had decided that she would head straight to the kitchen and try to get that Corning Ware teapot and I was going to find the Pyrex nesting set which, from the pictures, looked like they were sitting on the dining room table.

The door opened promptly at 7AM, we filed through the back door and right into the kitchen. I pointed Mom to the cabinet with the Corning Ware teapot and hoped she would be successful. I headed to where I thought the dining room might be. I finally spotted the table where the Pyrex bowls had been pictured and my heart fell…..they were not there. Someone else had wanted them too.

Oh, well…..that’s all part of going to an estate sale. You win some, you lose some. At least that’s what I told myself.

I headed back to the kitchen to help Mom and see what else I could find. Instead of seeing her frantically reaching for kitchenware goodies (like I would have been), she was just standing there. I noticed a lady walking by with a box full of stuff and "my" teapot was on top. She also had a copy of a local cookbook that I search for. It was not going to be my day!

I told Mom that the Pyrex bowls were already taken and she just glanced down and calmly said, “I think this is what you’re looking for.” I looked down and there on the kitchen table was the Pyrex nesting set. I had walked right past them in my haste to find the dining room. I grabbed them to check for cracks and chips. They were perfect! 

Mom saved the day!!!

Thank you, Mom!!!

I’ll be holding on to this set until our Christmas Open House, November 3, where they will be prominently displayed in my booth. Meanwhile….stay tuned and I’ll show you some of the other things I found at that estate sale.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Featured in FMS Magazine!

No, not me! However, an industrious young couple from my hometown of Laurel, Mississippi and their historic home was featured in the latest issue of Flea Market Style Magazine.

Laurel is a small, but beautiful town in South Mississippi and I wanted to call your attention to this sweet article that highlights a tiny part of what makes it special.

After you read the article beginning on page 122, notice the credits under the title, Light Touch. Andrea Milham is listed as stylist…..Why is that special, you ask? Andrea owns Southern Antiques where my vintage booth is located!!!! Andrea is an energetic and talented interior designer and I’m so excited that she was selected as stylist for the photo shoot.

I understand that Mrs. Napier was given the option of choosing a stylist provided by FMS or choosing a local stylist. She wisely chose local talent and I think you will agree when you browse through the generous 12-page spread.

Since Southern Antiques is listed as one of the resources (page 138) you might ask if anything in the article came from my booth. Well, maybe!…..Did you notice the Bush Dairy milk bottle on page 131? Bush Dairy is an old local dairy (now closed) and their milk bottles are highly treasured. I have found and sold only 2 or 3 of them over the years…..The one pictured could easily be one of them. I’ll have to ask the Napiers if I ever get the chance.

Until then, I wanted to express my CONGRATS to the Napiers, Andrea and our hometown for well-deserved national attention.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Late Summer Roses

Looking out my home office window I can see a large bush of beautiful Knockout Roses.

That got me to thinking about a couple of pretty cup and saucer sets I found 
a few weeks ago 
that I haven’t shown to you.

Shelley English Bone China

Adderley English Bone China

Roses are also the theme of this very unusual snack set I discovered 
at a recent estate sale.

Sadly, there is no mark

Look closely…..The cup is held in place by a raised “holder” attached to the plate.

I have never seen a snack set like this…..There were 6 sets and I just had to get them.

Don’t forget to take time to “smell the roses” along your way!

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