Thursday, August 22, 2013

“Old School” Chalkboard

A few months ago one of my sweet friends noticed a chalkboard on my blog and emailed me to ask how much it cost. She wanted to use it in her office. Unfortunately it had already sold, but I promised to make another for her. She is a teacher and I wanted to make an appropriate chalkboard just for her. I began gathering ideas and vintage objects to make good on my promise.

Soon I found the perfect backing for a teacher’s chalkboard…..the desk top of an old student desk. It had already been detached from the school desk (thankfully) and I knew instantly that it would make the ideal chalkboard for my friend.

I sanded and painted the desk top with chalkboard paint…..

And gathered a few items that I thought might make the chalkboard more versatile...

I added some cork to one side…..and the Smokey Bear ruler to the bottom….

Try as I could, I was not able to find an ink bottle that would fit the inkwell. A old cobalt blue jar did fit, though, and was perfect for holding a couple pieces of chalk. I also attached a vintage clip to the pencil trough that will keep a pencil in place AND hold a note, if necessary.....

A bit of twine holds a small notepad……

And some rusty washers glued to the board accompanied by “Blue Horse” magnets would hold small notes in place.

Put it all together and it became more than just a chalkboard. It turned out to be a multi-functional message center with an “old school” theme...

BTW…..She gave me an A!

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Friday, August 16, 2013

City-Wide Yard Sale

I just checked the classified ads and it looks like there will be no “yard-sailing” this weekend. That’s probably because there was a city-wide yard sale last weekend. Our town holds these sales about 3 times a year in our climate controlled multi-purpose center so rain and heat aren’t problematic to vendors or shoppers.

Though I have found these city-wide sales to be hit-or-miss in the past, I was rather lucky this time because there seemed to be more vintage vendors than before. Of course, Mom came along to help me spot treasures, carry some of the lighter stuff and visit with acquaintances. She did all three, I might add!

At the first booth, I found 2 pink Pyrex casseroles in the Gooseberry pattern. They have ALREADY SOLD, but I just had to show them to you since there is not an abundance of pink Pyrex in this area.


I also bought this pretty red vase at the same booth. My research has identified it as Fenton! Another red item was this practical enamelware butter warmer/sauce server.

I’ve begun to notice vintage leather bags and I picked up these two satchels. The one on the right is marked Gokey….the other is not marked but has some interesting tooling and braided work.

If you like kitschy kitchen items…..check out this set of yellow plastic salt and pepper shakers in a matching wall holder. I’m guessing that is a golden apple?

I could not pass up this small chalkware plaque of Raggedy Andy and a child’s Pyrex mug with a fun train motif.

We started our shopping spree with Pyrex and ended with Pyrex. A Spring Blossom Green oval casserole was the last item added to our shopping bag.

Does your town hold city-wide sales?

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thanks for Your Good Luck Wishes!

Finding “good” yard sales has been a little tough lately and I asked for your good luck wishes at the end of my last post. Well……...THEY WORKED! 

After re-reading the 20-30 yard sale ads listed in the paper last weekend, Mom and I elected to drive about 25 miles to a micro-mini “longest yard sale.” A rural community south of our hometown was holding their 6th annual 14-mile-long yard sale. Now I know 14 miles is much shorter than the 400+ mile WLYS, but it was close by and we could take in the whole 14 miles in a morning!

The 25 miles went quickly as we talked about what we might find. We turned off the interstate onto the designated rural highway and immediately saw signs directing us to the sale. Soon enough we saw cars parked on the side of the road and we joined them to find some goodies.

Check out these darling Marian Burgess prints I found at our first stop….

Just like the WLYS, we drove until we found an area with several tents and lots of cars and excited people looking for treasures. At one of those tented areas, I found yet another vintage tablecloth and a pretty linen dishcloth……

We also found 2 hand-painted trays….

And a set of Blue Ridge plates…..

Several more stops and 2 pretty creamers made it to the car with us, along with a crochet trivet and a rare Butterfly Gold tumbler, a go-along for Corning/Corelle kitchenware....

Oh, I also found 2 vintage platters….

3 Cuthbertson Christmas Tree mugs…..

And an big ole Wear-Ever aluminum kettle!!!

Even though it was hard to drive, watch the traffic, watch for people crossing the road AND check out the sales, we had a great time. The real WLYS was also held last week, but we felt just like we were there and didn’t have to drive hundreds of miles to find vintage treasures!

Thanks again for your Good Luck Wishes!

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Where are the “Good” Yard Sales?

There have not been many “new” things to show you in the last couple weeks because the yard sales have been very few; except, of course, for the ones with baby clothes and toys. Those sales usually don’t yield many vintage treasures, so I don’t waste my time or gasoline to attend.

But there’s something magical about the “first weekend of the month.” There must be 20-30 yard sales listed in the papers for this Friday and Saturday. Though there are several ads with “baby clothes” receiving top billing, there are enough ads with promising keywords, like “vintage” and “antique”, that I’m sure Mom and I will check out a few of them.

Until then, here are a couple of the treasures we’ve found since mid-July….

Yes…more vintage tablecloths. I get them when I can find them and I've found several in the last few weeks!

A pretty Fenton hobnail vase and a colorful crocheted potholder/trivet.

Lastly, a Mrs. Smith’s Mello-Rich pie tin with 2 cherry kitchen cloths.

Wish us good luck this weekend and 
Best of Treasure-Hunting to You!

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