Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I’ve had a booth for 12 years now and I’ve logged in every item purchased for re-sell. With so many items to log, I have developed a few abbreviations……one of those abbreviations, S&P…..salt and pepper, of course!

This cute set of Salty&Peppy shakers belonged to my husband’s grandmother, as did the kissing cowboy and cowgirl in my banner, so they are treasured family heirlooms

Well, S&P might stand for Salt&Pepper in my log, but S&P could also stand for Sophisticated&Pretty when describing these lead crystal sets…..

A set of Made in Japan bears…..I’m thinking Sweet&Precious!

This next set......Sharp&Prickly?

But these next two sets can only be categorized as Silly&Peculiar…….


Pink accordions?

Do you collect unusual Salt & Pepper shakers?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Playing the Match Game

Do you ever play the Match Game? You know…..trying to find the creamer that matches that sugar bowl that belonged to your grandmother…..looking for the salt shaker to match your aunt’s pepper shaker……or searching the thrift stores for a lid (to replace the one that you broke) for your favorite Pyrex casserole.

I play the Match Game all the time. I’m constantly picking up the odd salt shaker, creamer, lid, nesting bowl, snack tray and teacup hoping to find the match one day. I’ve been fairly successful, too! I’ve matched sets of snack trays and cups one piece at a time. I just sold a set of Pyrex Primary Colors mixing bowls that I found one at a time over a period of a couple of years. I often find a vintage aluminum cake cover and discover a matching cake plate later.

This iron-shaped sugar bowl has matching shakers that I'll find one day!

I completed my latest match just a couple of days ago thanks to my Mom. I guess that means she’s playing the Match Game, too! I picked up this lazy susan base YEARS ago.

I had planned to paint it and sell it, but that just never happened!  Mom and I were in the Salvation Army Thrift Store last week and she spotted this set sitting on the check-out counter....

She thought it was attractive and pointed it out to me, not knowing that it was part of a lazy susan set OR that I already had a lazy susan base. The ceramic pieces were marked “Calif USA” so I knew they were vintage and I felt that they would probably fit that base I had found long ago.

I bought them AND….

It's a Match!

Together Forever!

Do you play the Match Game? 
What are you looking for?

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

First Whazzit of 2013

Mom was travelling to a nearby town with one of her lady friends a few days ago and she spotted an interesting yard sale. She called me on her cellphone (she probably had to turn it on to call me!) and told me about this great looking roadside sale, so I went to check it out.

The first thing that caught my eye was this attractive lidded basket. It was about 9-10” tall and its diameter about the same.

Of course the first thing I did was to remove the lid….

What a surprise!… was padded inside (the lid, too) with a beautiful red print fabric....

I asked the seller what the basket was used for. She didn’t know…said it had belonged to her mother-in-law. She thought it was a sewing basket. But since the vertical side of the padding was hard I didn’t think it was a sewing basket. After studying at it for a minute, I thought it might have held a hat… know, upside down with the brim resting on the top ledge. The price was only a few dollars, so I bought it just to research the strange basket.

Spoiler alert: I will identify the basket in the next paragraph!

I immediately went online to Ebay and started a search…. I tried “padded basket,” “lined basket,” “hatbox basket”…. Finally I found an auction for a TEAPOT in a padded basket!!! Another search for “teapot in a basket” resulted in several teapots in baskets similar to mine. YAY! Now I know and maybe one day I’ll find a teapot for the basket!


That would have been a pretty good ending to the story BUT…… a couple of days after finding the basket, I was in a nearby thrift store. Oh, yes, I did!!!  I found a teapot that I thought might fit the basket.

They don’t accept refunds or exchanges at that thrift store, so I hurried home to get the basket. The clerk let me check to see if the teapot would fit.

EUREKA! It was a match!!!

Did you know what the basket was used for?
Do you have additional information?

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Career Advice?

It wasn’t too many years decades ago that if a young lady wanted to pursue a career, her choices were a bit limited. Most of us chose to study nursing, teaching or an office/secretarial career. In high school, I took several typing classes and even a shorthand class (or two)! Now it’s fun to find the vintage equipment and study materials that were part of those early years of career education.

I found this great old Royal Typewriter last year and even blogged about it here. I was so excited to include it as part of my Christmas Open House display this past November, but someone had a different plan for it and bought it the day before!  

By the way…. before I incorrectly date myself here, my typing classes were taken on the much newer IBM Selectric typewriter…..but before they had that handy “correcting” feature!!!

I do remember using fold-to-stand-up typing books like these vintage ones I found a few months ago. The study material is still pertinent today, and don’t you just love the advice given in these old books…

But one of my best "career" finds is this sweet Napcoware planter...

However, I think the young lady certainly needs to take some of that early advice to heart!!!

I mean, just look how far apart she’s holding her wrists!!!

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