Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tisn’t the Season!

Tisn’t the season for yard sales, that is! 

In my last post, I showed you some things I found at yard sales on Black Friday. Since then the sales have slowed down to a crawl. However, last weekend I was pleasantly surprised to see ads for a couple of sales in a neighboring community. Mom and I decided to check them out and here’s what we found……

A large McCoy hobnail planter along with several pieces of silverplate flatware….

Most of them were serving pieces, like pastry servers….

But this Mappin and Webb sandwich server was definitely the most interesting…

I love these little Libbey juice glasses. If you like to collect these, just notice that some have silver wheat and others have silver leaves. I think it’s OK to combine them!

This little Santa gave me a star for finding a #401 Pyrex Spring Blossom Green bowl….

A “grab bag” full of vintage ornaments was a fun find. Most of them were still in their original Kmart packaging and were made in either Taiwan or Hong Kong.

This little felted Santa was one of the things that caught my eye through the bag; but when I freed him, it looked like his hands/mittens are missing…..I guess he’s really going to have to rely on Rudolph to guide that sleigh on Christmas Eve!

Are there still yard sales in your “neck of the woods”?


  1. You still found some cute items! I haven't seen many yard sales at all. Of course I'm in the giving away and trying not to buy mode. Of course, I have found a few cute items myself! :)

  2. Yard sales stopped for us around the first week of November. They should pick back up in March, weather permitting!

  3. Oh, are you so lucky. I love all of your finds and we have no yard sales here! Probably because the yards are covered in snow. You would think someone would do it anyway! Love the serving pieces. I love playing with them in the decor. Cute CHRISTmas things, too. Glad you are having such good luck finding things.

  4. I love the sweet vintage things still in the packages! WOW! How neat! There are lots of yard sales on the weekends here...come on down! Sweet hugs!

  5. I wish there were sales here still, but it's way too cold and snowy! What great finds. I've never heard of a sandwich server, that is really neat. My grandma had glasses very similar to yours.

  6. No yard sales in my neck of the woods, not even an estate sale
    I really like the sandwich server and I always collected the pie & cake and pastry servers.

  7. Love the serving pieces. Poor Santa!


  8. I really love those serving pieces! You are so lucky, the local yard sales here are mostly clothing. I can't even find anything in the thrift stores close to these!

  9. Lucky you to find a good sale this time of the year. I love those juice glass, who says they have to match? The sales just aren't happening around here either. I've had to rely on a couple of good vintage stores and thrift stores.

  10. Great finds, you always find the neatest things. Have a Blessed Christmas,

  11. I have a particular passion for Mappin and Webb
    Seasons Greetings


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