Thursday, December 5, 2013

Black Friday Yard Sales!

No one would have a yard sale on Black Friday, would they? Well…YES….and I can’t believe all the vintage goodies I found. Here are some of the best items…..

Jelly glasses…….

There were actually six of these!

A Pepsi 16 crate, flamingo pink Pyrex loaf pan and a Hattiesburg Creamery milk bottle (Hattiesburg is about 30 miles away)…..

20+ pieces of Golden Wheat china….

Mom found a vintage 18” ceramic Christmas tree….

I've already added it to the booth.

And some cute Santa cups, a Santa mug and a snowflake tumbler….

This is my kind of Black Friday shopping!!!

November was a very busy time in my booth.
Remember my turquoise and red tabletop display? 

Well….there’s no more turquoise and less red, so I redecorated the table with jadeite and red.....

If you would like to do a little “window shopping” in my booth, follow my Pinterest board titled “Available in Back2Vintage booth. Virtual shopping can be fun, too!!!

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  1. Wow! You scored! Your posts always take me back to my childhood. My grandmother had those same jelly glasses.

  2. Oh how I love your beautiful Jadite and of course all of the vintage Christmas is fun. I have been having a ball going to an old thrift store for vintage items this week. Enjoy your afternoon my friend!

  3. I love the jadeite and red! I could do that so easy, maybe sometime I should mix up my decorating and use mine!

  4. So much eye candy. Love those unusual Santa mugs and the white ceramic Christmas tree. Your booth looks amazing!


  5. Hi Sherry, thanks for visiting and writing such a nice comment. I have added your blog to the end of that posts of others who have booths. Have a great week.

  6. I love the white tree you always find the best stuff

  7. Jadeite and red is SO pretty for Christmas time! It's so eye-catching!

  8. A yard sale is the kind of Black Friday shopping I would do! You really lucked out! Wow to it all and you know I love the pink loaf pan! So glad your sales were good! Love the Jadeite and Red display!
    hugs, Linda

  9. The yard sales around here were just about non-existent on Black Friday...what a shame, I would have been there. I love all your vintage goodies and your Jadeite and red display is so festive!!!

  10. I have a green ceramic tree, I NEED a white one too!

  11. I love decorating with my Jadeite during the holidays! I have a red and green display too. Lucky you to have found an awesome yard sale on Black Friday! I'll bet you had your pick of all the awesomeness. I just so happen to collect just about every single thing you posted about. If I lived closer, I'd clean out your booth :-)


  12. What a fun shopping trip! Loving the jadeite and red...that's my Christmas(or year round)FAVE! Did I see a ROOSTER?!?!

  13. Great displays. Can't wait to check out your pinterest board to get some inspiration for my booth!

  14. What an awesome shopping spree. No garage sales here. Mom had the wheat pattern for our good china. Hers had the yellow band and gold trim. I have found a few pieces but not many. Just wanted some to remember all the holiday dinners we had on them. ;) You did very good on Black Friday.

  15. Love your finds! The table set with the red and jadite is just gorgeous!
    Love it.


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