Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Last Friday Mom and I set out to do some treasure hunting at the local yard sales listed in the newspapers. After 36 miles and lots of digging, we found some very interesting items. Among them were……

Iris and Herringbone depression glass bowls….

Three awesome vintage frames…….

A wrought iron tabletop candelabra, a wire-top fruit jar and a sweet Baltimore Pear creamer….

Two tiny toy soldier figurines riding their toy horses (made in Japan)…..

AND Bikin’ Betty (Boop)…..she and her bike are salt and pepper shakers.

Friday was so successful that we were excited to shop the Saturday yard sales. After 28 miles and lots of digging, we came home with….......

That’s right…..Nothing! 
Zip, zero, zilch, …….Not one single thing! 

But I’m a “glass half-full” kinda girl. I was disappointed, but grateful for the time spent with Mom and the beautiful fall scenery we enjoyed along the way!

I’m also thankful that I had time to package all the loose recipes that I’ve collected this year. I was able to assemble a dozen grab bags of potential deliciousness. Drop by Southern Antiques, if you’re in the area, to see them and all the other vintage goodies!

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  1. Our yard sales are all done. People are hitting the malls and walmart shopping for Christmas. No fun there. Love all your finds and I always thought the iris pattern was so pretty.
    Love what you did the old recipes. I love grab bags anyway and that's going to be so fun for someone to go through. Its the thrill of the hunt for me...LOL.

  2. What a HUGE difference a day makes! Love your finds from Friday, though!


  3. That happens to me all the time! One day I'll hit the jackpot and the next...nothing! You sure found some wonderful treasures, the frames are my favorites.

  4. It's strange but that happens at the thrift store, too. Here lately, I'm not finding as much and I'll be so glad when they get more Christmas stuff out. I love Betty cute is she! And your sign about Santa is funny! Enjoy your week!

  5. Oh my it just happens like that doesn't it! Love the Iris and Herringbone pattern bowls! Sooooo pretty! Your booth looks great! Time spent with our Mom's is always worthwhile! :)


  6. Love those frames…and bikini Betty is priceless! Wish I lived near you so I could visit your booth and yard sale with you!

  7. Incredible finds and then... happens but usually not with the incredible attached. Loved the frames. The chalkboard with 'if you stop' is being pinned in a second.

  8. You have some lovely finds those frames and little Betty boop is gorgeous and those glass bowls will be lovely for trifle, have a lovely day, dee x

  9. Hi Sherry,
    Oh, how I wish I was close enough to go yard-saleing with find the best "stuff"! My favorite is Betty Boop...great find. I love the depression glass and fruit jar as well. It's so hard to be a collector at heart and be at the stage of life when it's time to downsize. I still enjoy the thrill of the hunt but have to be more selective about what I buy now ...and what I keep. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family,

  10. I wish we were closer I have a 8 place complete set of crystal iris & herringbone dishes cups saucers, and all the extra candle holders pitcher butter dish on and on even demi cup
    anyway would love to unload it since I am really working on down sizing

    there was still yard sale here last weekend I have a friend who makes everyone looking for 50's items
    you always find good things really

  11. Well, at least one of your treasure hunting days was successful! I love the old frames you got and that Betty Boop is so fun! I featured this post on my TTG FB page today! Thanks again for sharing at TTF.

  12. You found some great things! I really love those frames! It's funny how handwritten recipe cards are now so vintage!

  13. oh my the handwriting on the cucumber salad looks so much like my Mom's!
    Love those picture frames..endless ideas! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Great finds! You did well. Love your sign, LOL.
    I believe! Have a blessed Thanksgiving.


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