Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Finds and Friends

Before I show you some of my finds from this past weekend, I’d like to acknowledge a special gift from a sweet blog friend. A couple of months ago, Cheryl of 22 Applegate Lane, posted about her collection of sea glass. I have only seen sea glass in pictures, never in person, and commented as such on her post. I would have never guessed that she would do the unimaginable and send a bag-full of sea glass to me. She suggested that the sea glass looks especially good in a mason jar; so, here’s the sea glass in my mason jar sitting on the sill of my little stained glass window. 

Thank you, Cheryl, for such a beautiful gift!!!

Mom and I did some late season treasure-hunting this past weekend. The Open House might be over, but the Christmas buying has just begun. I have, thankfully, had to fill in several gaps in my booth where things have sold and these latest finds will soon be displayed there.

The most unusual thing I found was this 3-tier basket. It stands 26” tall and looks like 3 Easter baskets woven together. Oh, the possibilities.....

I love to find old sewing baskets…..just look at all the goodies in this one!

I also found several old classic books, a small Noritake nut/mint dish and an Asian soup bowl with matching spoon.

I’ve had customers ask me for eye wash cups, but I’ve never found one until this weekend. There’s also a sandwich glass bowl, a tea ball, nut grinder, tiny ink bottle and flower frog…….

This group has to be my favorite…..wooden hangers, vintage bingo cards and an old Sessions electric clock!

I love the unusual numbers on the clock.....

AND it keeps perfect time.....WOW!

What have you found lately?

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  1. Hi Sherry,
    Wow...You found some great stuff! I am drawn to old sewing items, too, and can't resist buying them. Love the books; I see that one is Silas Marner. I remember the days of trying to teach that to high school students...not easy to read or teach.
    I'm so glad you like the sea glass!
    Your Maine friend,

  2. I have found some great things this week! I found a giant box of 70s-80s Garfield collectibles (over 60 items!), I also got a big haul of various mid century goods and a cool retro orange floral pyrex bowl....my list goes on and on, I had one of my best shopping weeks in a long time!

  3. What a sweet gift! Sea glass is a rare find on the beaches we go to. It sure is special! Love that 3 basket thingy. I've never seen anything like it. Are you starting to see more vintage Christmas? We just got back to FL and I haven't gotten to go thrift shopping yet....I can't wait!!! Sweet hugs!

  4. Lovely, lovely finds!! That 3-tier basket would come in so handy. Love the clock and I have never even heard of an eye wash cup!!

  5. I haven't found anything quite as cool as you that's for sure! Love the clock and that basket is really unique. Glad sales at your booth are going well. Love the sea glass in the jar, what a sweet thing for Cheryl to do!!

    1. Back to thank you for joining Diann and I at TTF!

  6. I have never seen sea glass in person either....That doesn't mean she has to send it to me though lol! Great finds, I get excited about old sewing baskets that are filled too! I went to a sale this weekend and found a few goodies, mostly furniture pieces in need of love. I am so in need of "Smalls" like you found.


  7. What a sweet gift from your blogging friend! Love that tiered basket, I've never seen one like it! I too love vintage wooden hangers. So much better than plastic or wire, don't you think?

  8. So many lovely finds! I especially like the three tiered basket. My mom used to have a big one similar to that in the kitchen,and it was always filled with fruit: oranges apples, etc... I also love the tea infuser and the glass flower frog.

  9. So true, the sea glass looks so pretty and magnified in the mason jar. Love those little yo-yo quilt pieces and all your fun finds Sherry.

  10. I've normally only ever seen beach glass in shades of blue. Those colors of yours are perfect for fall decorating. What a wonderful friend...


  11. Wow...that basket is great, and of course I'm drawn to the SEWing Box and all those wonderful treasures. I found my grandmother Minnies sewing box in the bottom of my Mom's sewing box. What a fun find and now it is a part of my Three Generations of Sewing Boxes...posted on CITexas Gal. Take a Look....Sue CollectInTexas Gal


  12. The sea glass is beautifu! And, I LOVE the tiered baskets!


  13. It is so nice when someone surprises us with a gift, It good to know someone was thinking of you
    And all those good things you found out junking or garage saleing

  14. wouldn't that 3 tier basket look great filled with wool :???? Hope you and your DH have a great thanksgiving. Hugs Melody

  15. Great finds! I love the flower frogs and the eye wash cup. So cool!

  16. I have found some interesting items lately but haven't posted them. I love your finds. This is my favorite type of blog post!

  17. Wow! You've got some really great finds there! The clock is my fav :)

  18. I love the vintage figurines, beautiful finds!


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