Tuesday, October 8, 2013

While It’s Still Fall……

Even though it turned Fall only a couple of weeks ago, it’s already the Christmas season in my mind. Christmas Open House is only a few short weeks away and my creative thoughts have turned to Holiday tablescapes and Christmas displays. I was even making a snowflake garland last night!!! Yikes!

So before I change my booth to all things red, green, glitter and glow, I thought I would show you my Autumn display.

I made a chalkboard and added this great quote that I found on Pinterest.

The chalkboard sold in only one day……so I made another one……

I DO love fall and all the rich earthy colors that come along with the season so I added vintage items in colors of orange, rust, brown and gold.

I’ve also been busy chalk-painting some smaller wooden items……

Oh!….I’m now on Pinterest and I’d love to have you follow along if you’d like. I’m so new to it, though, that I’m now even sure how to tell you to follow me. For now, just do a search for Sherry@Back2Vintage. Perhaps one of you tech savvy readers could enlighten me on the proper way to invite followers???

Update: Thanks, everyone! Click here to link to my Pinterest page!

Happy Fall, Y’all!


  1. Just bring up your page and copy and paste the address here.
    Love that chalk board! Oh, I so remember the joys of retail. I used to start Christmas in July...by Christmas, I was working on spring stuff. Hope you are having a good week and have fun with the glitter and glow.

  2. The chalkboards are such fun for any home. I'm off to follow you on pinterest. I haven't done a whole lot....I go in spurts! lol

  3. PS You can put a pinterest gadget on your sidebar that goes directly to your boards. Go to your pinterest and copy the address, then add the gadget on your layout on blogger. Have fun!

  4. I love that orange chalkboard! It is the absolute perfect color for Fall. Can't wait to see you on Pinterest. I am ADDICTED!!


  5. Love the chalkboard..I can see why it sold so fast. Will go follow you on Pinterest!

  6. You make such cute chalkboards! I need to make one for my new home! I hope to have more time for crafts and decorating my home now! Oh and I'm following you on Pinterest!!
    hugs, Linda

  7. LOVE the chalkboards and Fall!!


  8. I love your chalkboards Sherry, it's no wonder it sold already. Already following you on Pinterest....it's so darn addicting. You might want to add a Pinterest button to your side bar.

  9. The chalk board is lovely, I can see why it sold so quickly.
    Great job!

  10. Well, I guess I'm a week late, but following you on Pinterest now.


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