Monday, October 28, 2013

Still Playing the Match Game!

Our Christmas Open House is less than a week away, but I thought I would take a short break from all the painting and pricing to tell you about playing the Match Game .....again! I played the Match Game with you earlier this year. My version of the game consists of looking for the saucer to match a pretty teacup or finding just one more juice glass to complete a set of 8…you get the idea!

Well, a few weeks ago hubby and I went out of town for a couple of days and I got the chance to play the Match Game since I was not having any luck locally. There were two things I especially wanted to find.

The first thing I wanted to find was the large mixer bowl that goes with this vintage Hamilton-Beach mixer. 

I bought this mixer….AND THE 2 BOWLS….. at an estate sale early last year; however, the bowls didn’t get packed with the mixer. Ugh! This Model G is the same mixer my Mom had… can read about it here…..and I thought it would be fun to have one like it in the booth. 

I found the smaller bowl only a couple of months after buying the mixer, but the large bowl has been quite elusive. As you probably have guessed by now, I found the large bowl at a small vintage glassware shop and now I finally have the complete mixer and bowl set in the booth. I even have a mixer cover!

The second thing I was searching for was also a bowl…a Pyrex Cinderella mixing bowl. Last year my blog friend, Linda of A La Carte, visited me. She was thinning down her extensive stash of Pyrex and I bought several pieces from her. Among them, she had 3 of the 4 nesting Cinderella bowls in the Early American pattern. 

I have been looking for that missing #443 bowl ever since. Sure, I could have ordered one from Ebay or Etsy, but shipping doubled the cost and made it impractical for resale.

 Yep….I found that 4th bowl at an antique mall. 

I’m sure everyone in the place heard me yell, “Here it is!” and wondered why this crazy woman was holding a Pyrex bowl over her head with both hands like it was a trophy. Well…..I had just won the Match Game and the prize was that beautiful Pyrex bowl!!!

Have you played The Match Game lately?

Don’t forget our Christmas Open House this Sunday afternoon!
I’ll post pictures later this week


  1. There aren't many feelings better than finding a Pyrex bowl I need to complete a set in the wild. I totally get your excitement!


  2. Finally!!!! I am so glad you found bowls for both the mixer and that Pyrex set! Now I hope they sell quickly at the Open House!

  3. Woohoo! That's great that you found both. Your patience really paid off.


  4. Score! Oh, it's much more fun to hunt it down and have it in your hands. I feel your excitement. I can't think of anything I've matched up recently, but there is hope!!

  5. The thrill of the hunt! Love it when it come together. My friends always have me out look for pyrex to complete their sets.

  6. Congratulations! I love finding "lost" treasures!


  7. You should have bought a lottery ticket while you were out. That was really lucky to find all that. It takes me years sometimes to find pieces.


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