Thursday, August 1, 2013

Where are the “Good” Yard Sales?

There have not been many “new” things to show you in the last couple weeks because the yard sales have been very few; except, of course, for the ones with baby clothes and toys. Those sales usually don’t yield many vintage treasures, so I don’t waste my time or gasoline to attend.

But there’s something magical about the “first weekend of the month.” There must be 20-30 yard sales listed in the papers for this Friday and Saturday. Though there are several ads with “baby clothes” receiving top billing, there are enough ads with promising keywords, like “vintage” and “antique”, that I’m sure Mom and I will check out a few of them.

Until then, here are a couple of the treasures we’ve found since mid-July….

Yes…more vintage tablecloths. I get them when I can find them and I've found several in the last few weeks!

A pretty Fenton hobnail vase and a colorful crocheted potholder/trivet.

Lastly, a Mrs. Smith’s Mello-Rich pie tin with 2 cherry kitchen cloths.

Wish us good luck this weekend and 
Best of Treasure-Hunting to You!

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  1. What a neat pie tin! I've never seen one like it! Wish you were here to hit the thrift stores. I've had to back off going...I buy too much stuff! lol Wishing you luck this weekend! Have fun! Hugs!

  2. The same thing is happening in my area of the country. I haven't been to one single sale this year that I was really excited about. Nothing like last year! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my luck changes.


  3. I hope you and your Mom hit the jackpot this weekend to make up for the other weekends!

  4. Well, I had a really good garage sale at my house a month ago, but I don't think you made it. You're only a few states away! Whats a little drive? ;-)
    I like the pretty tablecloths you found.

  5. It looks like you've had some luck in the last few weeks. Always enjoy seeing what you find. Good luck to you and your mom this weekend. CL doesn't sound too promising for tomorrow, but maybe something will show up for Saturday.

  6. You did find some sweet things and I hope this weekend ends up with you finding lots of stuff! Thanks for joining TTF this week.


  7. I know just how you,feel, hopefully, this weekend brings lots of great old stuff!

  8. Good luck, love the linens you found. Many times there's nothing, then you run into a honey hole. Hope yours is dripping with sweet treasures!

  9. Sherry, I have all but given up on yard sales, I have been going to more estate sales instead. And great score on the table clothes, I am hardly finding any vintage linen lately! But, of course we won't stop hunting!



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