Thursday, August 22, 2013

“Old School” Chalkboard

A few months ago one of my sweet friends noticed a chalkboard on my blog and emailed me to ask how much it cost. She wanted to use it in her office. Unfortunately it had already sold, but I promised to make another for her. She is a teacher and I wanted to make an appropriate chalkboard just for her. I began gathering ideas and vintage objects to make good on my promise.

Soon I found the perfect backing for a teacher’s chalkboard…..the desk top of an old student desk. It had already been detached from the school desk (thankfully) and I knew instantly that it would make the ideal chalkboard for my friend.

I sanded and painted the desk top with chalkboard paint…..

And gathered a few items that I thought might make the chalkboard more versatile...

I added some cork to one side…..and the Smokey Bear ruler to the bottom….

Try as I could, I was not able to find an ink bottle that would fit the inkwell. A old cobalt blue jar did fit, though, and was perfect for holding a couple pieces of chalk. I also attached a vintage clip to the pencil trough that will keep a pencil in place AND hold a note, if necessary.....

A bit of twine holds a small notepad……

And some rusty washers glued to the board accompanied by “Blue Horse” magnets would hold small notes in place.

Put it all together and it became more than just a chalkboard. It turned out to be a multi-functional message center with an “old school” theme...

BTW…..She gave me an A!

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  1. Your chalk/message board turned out so cute. I love the cobalt blue jar holding chalk.

  2. You certainly deserve an A -- cute idea!


  3. Aren't you the crafty one! Love that idea. Love the chalk jar also. A+++++++++

  4. You are very talented and did so well on the chalk board. Never would have thought of that.

  5. An A+!! What a clever idea, Sherry! I love that you also added the cork board, and the cute bottle is a handy place to stash the chalk!!

  6. What an awesome project! I will be pinning it for sure:-)


  7. This is just perfect for a teacher! I would give you an A+ for sure. Creative ideas abound on this darling makeover!

  8. I'm giving you an A+. What a clever idea and I love your use of all those elements especially the cobalt blue jar as a chalk holder.

  9. I would say, A+...very nice and perfect for her!

  10. Now aren't you the smart student ? yes

    I bet you get hugs and kisses from teacher friend

  11. I say an A+ and extra credit points! That is so great and functional...You out did yourself!!


  12. Love this idea! A++ in my book!


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