Thursday, April 11, 2013

Well, Looky Here!

The classifieds were full of garage sale and estate sale ads last week. Mom and I sorted through them and charted our course to set out on the first mega-week of yard sale season. I logged over 100 miles on my car and wish that I could have scored just a few more goodies; however, we did find some treasures!

I was running low on platters, so I picked up these two….the top one is marked ironstone!!!

Mom spotted some pretty glassware at a church sale, so I selected a silver-rimmed ice bucket/tongs and an elegant butter dish.

Diamondpoint ice bucket, Windsor butter dish

We also found a couple 1950s insulated tumblers, a Mickey/Minnie Mouse juice glass and a Corning Ware trivet in a size that I’ve never seen before.

A colorful trio also came home with us…..a Swee-Touch-Nee Tea tin, a Ghirardelli chocolate can and a Fire-King Apple (Super Fruit) mug. Yay!

But the most unusual and fun find was looking up at me from a table full of miscellaneous kitchenware…..

It's a sugar bull!!!  

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  1. Sherry, you always find the best things. Thanks for sharing your treasures with us. Have a Blessed day, Trisha

  2. Everything you found - i like it!!

  3. Isn't he the cutest, I've never seen anything quite like him before. Looks like it was a great haul for you and your mom. Love those tumblers!!

  4. That mug sure is neat! You just never know what you'll find! I have found TOO much and had a scale back! heehee! Enjoy your week and the great sales coming up!

  5. Great finds especially the sugar bowl. Never saw one like that before.

  6. That sugar bowl is so cute! You and your Mom always find the best things! I've not been to any yard sales, yet!

    hugs, Linda

  7. What a neat sugar bowl! I went to Jackson to a few sales last week.I have gotten really choosy about what I buy-don't need anything and don't sell much anymore. But it sure is fun just to go.

  8. Looks like you hit the jackpot! Love that bull...and that's no bull.

  9. My favorite is the fire-king mug!

  10. LOL! I know you too girls are having a blast!!! Love the bull and platters!


  11. Your insulated tumblers are very mod looking! I have never seen a Fire King mug with fruit on it. That is cute. I'll have to be on the lookout for them now (like I need another thing to collect).

  12. My goodness that sugar bowl is just so funny!!!


  13. Fun things as always Sherry! I love the glass wear your Mom found. Beautiful. Just last Sat. I noticed the first garage sales in our area. Still very cold temps and a little snow. Ugh... Hope all is well with you. :)

  14. i love the apple mug, and the sugar bowl... lets just say sadly it's the highlight of my morning! i'm surfing all the fun vintage-thrift blogs as i sit her with one arm bandaged from elbow and wrist surgery. recovery with only one hand is not as fun as i thought it'd be. thanks for the smiles!!

  15. The ice bucket is Diamond Point. Love the cow.


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