Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Chalk Talk!

You already know that I love chalkboards. Chalkboards are fun! They’re fun to make! They’re fun to sell! I especially like to make them from unusual items like a piecrust tabletop…..

Even a plain chalkboard in a pretty frame is fun and functional…..

So I couldn’t resist this large 21 x 25 “already painted” aqua frame that I found at a rummage sale last weekend. I knew it would make an impressive chalkboard!

But such a large frame brings a unique challenge......what to write on the chalkboard to fill up some of that empty space while it’s waiting to be snapped up by its future owner?

A unique find at a church rummage sale yesterday gave me the possible answer. The graphics on the dust jacket of an old book jumped out at me. 

FUN WITH A PENCIL by Andrew Loomis. It was originally published in 1938 but my book was part of its 15th printing. That's an impressive run, don't you think?!? This book is the perfect example of how we once learned things by book instead of by YouTube. The illustrations are amazing and some of the text looks hand-lettered. Wow!

So why not use this book to have FUN WITH A PIECE OF CHALK?

I looked through the simple figures toward the front of the book and found these guys. The one on the right looked like my kinda guy!

So with a few FUN strokes of the chalk and some shameless advertising, I filled up that empty space….

Would my guy make you stop to shop??? 


  1. So many great chalkboards! I need to get with it and make one, buy, and start drawing and having fun! Love the idea of using a sketch book for fun characters, etc. smart!

  2. You bet he'd make me stop, what a great idea. Love all your chalkboard ideas Sherry.

  3. Yes, I would stop for sure. Great idea. I'm not sure that book could ever teach me how to draw though. I'm a stick figure kind of girl.

  4. Love it! Yes I would stop and shop!! I'm being 'drawn' to Aqua more and more these days.
    hugs, Linda

  5. Most definitely!!! Love your drawing and your chalkboard ideas.

  6. Chalkboards are addictive, aren't they? I really love your table top chalkboard, what a great idea!


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