Sunday, March 17, 2013

Thinking INSIDE the Box!

My booth is filled with "smalls." I specialize in kitchen glassware, utensils, linens and cookbooks. I add vintage cameras, luggage and wire baskets when I can find them; but they are all considered smalls. The few pieces of furniture I have just help to hold all those vintage smalls.

Butterfly Wings Necklace

But sometimes I find smalls that are tiny or at least too delicate to be handled too much. I’ve never had a place to display these “tinys” until now. This week I added a glass top display box to my booth that can hold these tiny delicate treasures.

If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll drop by to view these tiny treasures and all the other vintage smalls in the booth.

Plymouth Cricket "clicker"

Happy Spring Treasure Hunting!


  1. What fun little treasures Sherry, love that little pitcher. I hope you got a thrifty deal on your new display case:-) I remember those clickers, they used to drive my mom crazy.

  2. I have waiting for a lucky glass top or locked case but haven't found one yet. I've got lots of smalls too, but I can't take them to my booth until I can display them safely. I love that little cowboy hat creamer.

  3. What a perfect find to keep your displays from getting lost and showcasing your smalls. You have some very fun things in your booth! I wish I lived in the area.

    Have a great week!

  4. Yep, smalls is where we make our money! I have had a locked case for a long time for my precious items...That easily slip into a pocket I remember clickers, we used to play with them, now I think they train dogs with them LOL!


  5. I love that you have your tags with the prices displayed so they are easily readable by shoppers! I hate being in a big antique mall and finding something I like in a locked case but finding no price visible--it's such a hassle to go all the way to the front and hunt down an employee to tell me the price and risk that it's more than I'm willing to pay--so I usually just say "Forget it" and they lose my sale. You are doing it the RIGHT WAY! :D

  6. I am in love with the tiny's!! You do have the best things and I always see something I would love to have!

  7. I agree with Heidi -- having the price tags show is much appreciated by this shopper. :-) I don't have a case so most of my tinys end up in my etsy shop but having a smaller case like yours would be perfect! Love that little Blue Willow child's plate.

  8. Love the items you have featured! Smalls are the way to go! I need to remind myself of this after hauling a 20x20x8 inch box to the PO in the snow today!


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