Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I’ve had a booth for 12 years now and I’ve logged in every item purchased for re-sell. With so many items to log, I have developed a few abbreviations……one of those abbreviations, S&P…..salt and pepper, of course!

This cute set of Salty&Peppy shakers belonged to my husband’s grandmother, as did the kissing cowboy and cowgirl in my banner, so they are treasured family heirlooms

Well, S&P might stand for Salt&Pepper in my log, but S&P could also stand for Sophisticated&Pretty when describing these lead crystal sets…..

A set of Made in Japan bears…..I’m thinking Sweet&Precious!

This next set......Sharp&Prickly?

But these next two sets can only be categorized as Silly&Peculiar…….


Pink accordions?

Do you collect unusual Salt & Pepper shakers?


  1. I love play on words so this was a post I had to read! The little pink squeeze boxes are German Concertinas; my Dad played one along with a traditional Accordian. A collection with a smile. I did buy Salty & Peppy when I found them at GW, my Mom had them so of course, so should I, 50 years later!

  2. Sherry you are so clever! What a cute post! You know I love s&p's but my fav's are the orphans! Now those cute accordions in pink just might catch my eye though!
    I love the vintage s&p's from your family!

  3. I'm not a S&P collector- but yours are so cute! Love the accordions.

  4. These are all so sweet Sherry. My favorites are salt & peppy. I can't believe there's such a thing as accordion salt &pepper shakers...what will they think of next. Thanks for sharing your fun collection.


  5. Oh the wooden ones my Mom had, I never collected S&P shakers but have seen 100's of them . I always think they are so cute.

  6. I used to have lady who collected any that were fruit or veggie ones. Made me think of here looking at yours. That first wooden pair is one of my first garage sale buys when I first moved out on my own. I started collecting them, but gave up for a lack of room at the time. I have a few that were my grandma's- kitties, of course and then I do have some crystal ones. Can't seem to pass them by.

  7. I finally found my own set of kissing cowboy/cowgirl S & P shakers after lusting after your forever! I collect shakers and have a shelf dedicated to them but the kissing set has it's very own spot on my dining room table.


  8. Adorable and I love the descriptions you gave them!

  9. I remember when I got one of my first sales reports from my booth and it had S&P...I said what is that LOL! I love salt and pepper shakers, I have some of my Moms and a collection of cat shakers. I am into the weird ones...Cactus and pickles LOL!


  10. I don't collect them for myself but I try to buy the odd / unusual ones when I see them to resell. I had a sweet pair of seahorses I should have kept but didn't ... never to be seen again, of course! I don't think I've ever come across accordion s&ps.

  11. You are successfully positioned in your treasure discoveries!


  12. Wonderful collection of S&P's. I have a few too, but haven't come up with such cute S&P names. Have always loved the cowboy and cowgirl in your banner....real treasures.


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