Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Playing the Match Game

Do you ever play the Match Game? You know…..trying to find the creamer that matches that sugar bowl that belonged to your grandmother…..looking for the salt shaker to match your aunt’s pepper shaker……or searching the thrift stores for a lid (to replace the one that you broke) for your favorite Pyrex casserole.

I play the Match Game all the time. I’m constantly picking up the odd salt shaker, creamer, lid, nesting bowl, snack tray and teacup hoping to find the match one day. I’ve been fairly successful, too! I’ve matched sets of snack trays and cups one piece at a time. I just sold a set of Pyrex Primary Colors mixing bowls that I found one at a time over a period of a couple of years. I often find a vintage aluminum cake cover and discover a matching cake plate later.

This iron-shaped sugar bowl has matching shakers that I'll find one day!

I completed my latest match just a couple of days ago thanks to my Mom. I guess that means she’s playing the Match Game, too! I picked up this lazy susan base YEARS ago.

I had planned to paint it and sell it, but that just never happened!  Mom and I were in the Salvation Army Thrift Store last week and she spotted this set sitting on the check-out counter....

She thought it was attractive and pointed it out to me, not knowing that it was part of a lazy susan set OR that I already had a lazy susan base. The ceramic pieces were marked “Calif USA” so I knew they were vintage and I felt that they would probably fit that base I had found long ago.

I bought them AND….

It's a Match!

Together Forever!

Do you play the Match Game? 
What are you looking for?

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  1. I LOVE the Match Game even though my mom said Gene Rayburn was notorious for being smarmy and those lady contestants better watch out for him and his long handled microphone! True story! I also love playing it in thrifting. Not looking for anything right now but play it most often with Pyrex and lids.

  2. I'm also a matchmaker. I love putting sets back together. Same things as you listed, shaker sets, Pyrex mixing bowl sets, snack sets. I love the challenge!

  3. Yay! What a perfect marriage, your mom sure has a good eye. I should start carrying pictures and measurements around with me. So many mismatched items and it's hard to keep track of them in my head:-)

  4. I just love to hunt! I have mismatched things but it doesn't even bother me! lol Sweet hugs!

  5. Great match up! I love the thrift stores also and look for a variety of items, being a lover of Jim Shore figurines I am currently on the hunt for the smaller nativity, I have 2 of the wise men I found at a thrift store for a fraction of their cost. Someday I'll have the whole set, just have to keep hunting!

  6. I love that match you and your Mom made! I had one I sold on Etsy awhile back. I still have the one my Mom and Dad got when they were married. It's Pink and Black...I need to bring it out and show it. You know I play the match game and the funniest one so far is you and I both having one each of a S & P set! Reunited in your booth I think! Hugs, Linda

  7. Sherry, that is amazing! You must have a much better memory than me! I would just end up with a bunch of odds and ends and never find matches!


  8. Cool. I actually never would think that they belonged on a lazy Susan. My mom had a set just like this, but no lazy Susan. And, yes, I too, try to play the match game, but to no avail,

  9. Great! You know, Sherry, how mismatched I am! Love the lazy susan!!


  10. Oh yes I know that game LOL and I can never find a matching lid to anything I have
    I recently broke a glass salt shaker lid, I'll never find another one , it's a little bitty individual setting, shaker

  11. What a great piece you found! love the colors.
    Yes I play the match game with Pyrex pieces for my friends. However the jadeite s/p shakers...is it the salt or pepper I need!? LOL I always forget!

  12. In time you will b able to match your things. The antinque malls are full of so many vintage things. I wonder at times where it all comes from.

  13. LOL- what a perfect match! You know someone is going to be so thrilled with this and you will have to tell them the story of how they were united! I don't have much success at finding the other one, so I go to ebay often!

  14. so fun to catch up with what you are doing Sherry - I've had a really busy couple of months. Hope we can get together in Feb. and maybe have lunch or something. There was a talk given at the main library about Bob Broward and his works a few weeks ago but I was out of town at the time so I missed it - thought of you when I heard about it. Hope 2013 is starting off great for you and Rodney. take care melody


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