Monday, December 3, 2012

Who’s That Kissing Santa Claus?

The yard sales yielded a few vintage Christmas items last month that I want to share with you…..

This lovely bell-shaped dish intrigued me when I saw it; but, when I turned it over I was surprised and thrilled to find that it was manufactured by Holt Howard in 1964.

And check out this delightfully happy Santa!

He’s actually printed life-sized on a vinyl door panel....

I can’t decide whether or not to open the package. I’m guessing it’s from the 60s or 70s?

Finally …..Who IS that Kissing Santa Claus?

When I found this ceramic music box, I thought the pretty lady with Santa was Mrs. Claus in her green fur-lined dress; however, the music box plays “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus!”

So who IS that kissing Santa Claus???

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  1. I am in love with that music box! I have never seen anything like it and would have grabbed it in a minute.

    Happy Holidays,


  2. Sherry once again you have found some pretty cute vintage Christmas items. Love the HH dish and just who IS Santa kissing??? hugs, Linda

  3. You did good! I really like that bell dish, great find! The music box is just the sweetest treasure. Unless Santa has a girlfriend, I'll go with Mrs. Claus.

  4. Looks like Sant'as doing the kissing here! Mrs. Claus looks so shy!

  5. Who wouldn't love that music box!! Sweet!!

  6. HH anything is fun but that bell dish is especially sweet -- I've never seen one before. And it looks like it's in perfect condition!

  7. Hey! Surprise! :) Yes you did find some really cute Christmas items. Isn't "the hunt" the best?!

    Hugs, Donna

  8. It is Mommy -- and it's wonderful!

  9. Just love ALL your vintage Christmas goodies!

  10. Oh my . . . I LOVE that candy dish -- that is so beautiful! I may have to go in search of one on Etsy or Ebay! The detail is stunning -- you got some great buys! I'd be trying to decide to open the door package too :)

  11. I recently found a vintage Christmas music box too, which I had never found before in my hunts. Love that bell plate.


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