Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!

May you and yours have a blessed Christmas!

And whatever the New Year brings us,

Keep Your Head Up
Keep Prancin’

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Back to the Future?

‘Tis the season for giving the gift of time. Have you noticed all of the 2013 calendars in the stores? There’s a calendar for the hobby or interest of almost everyone on your Christmas list. I took this picture in Big Lots just this morning.

There have always been paper calendars to give; but not too long ago it was popular to give calendar towels. The recipient could hang it up and refer to it all year, then extend its usefulness by using it to dry dishes in the years that follow. I think I even saw a 2013 calendar towel a couple of weeks ago! Now why didn't I buy it????

I still find colorful vintage calendar towels from time to time. They are especially fun to own if the year is a birth year for a family member or special friend. Many of them are made of 100% linen.

Here are a few of the calendar towels I have in the booth now……

A couple from the 90’s……

One from 1987…..

Two from 1972….

One from 1971….

And even one from 1964…..

Do you own any vintage calendar towels???

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Who’s That Kissing Santa Claus?

The yard sales yielded a few vintage Christmas items last month that I want to share with you…..

This lovely bell-shaped dish intrigued me when I saw it; but, when I turned it over I was surprised and thrilled to find that it was manufactured by Holt Howard in 1964.

And check out this delightfully happy Santa!

He’s actually printed life-sized on a vinyl door panel....

I can’t decide whether or not to open the package. I’m guessing it’s from the 60s or 70s?

Finally …..Who IS that Kissing Santa Claus?

When I found this ceramic music box, I thought the pretty lady with Santa was Mrs. Claus in her green fur-lined dress; however, the music box plays “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus!”

So who IS that kissing Santa Claus???

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