Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cool Weather Finds

Cooler weather usually means fewer yard sales, so I was pleasantly surprised to find several listed in the paper last weekend. Mom and I bundled up and headed out to see what we could find.

Here are a few of the things we picked up for the booth....

A Fire-King Primrose loaf pan, a vintage tumbler and 2 enamelware spoons,

A pretty CarltonWare leaf dish,

A Charles Cookie can and an old Purex bottle,

And a twisted metal double-candleholder.

I had sold all of my vintage owls, so I was happy to find some owl bells and a tiny owl figurine.

Have the yard sales tapered off where you live?


  1. Delightful owls, and I love the Fire-King loaf pan.

  2. Everything is in reverse here in the Arizona Desert... Summers are so fiercely HOT that our Open Air Markets, Yard Sales, etc... go into full gear as the cooler Autumn weather makes it Glorious to be outside! Great Scores...

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I'm sure missing yard sale season, Sherry! Lucky you to find some treasures! I've been hitting up the thrift stores now that it's cold here, I still need the thrill of the hunt! That leaf dish is neat!

  4. I think everyone around here goes to the Fall festivals at this time of year. It was 82 here today though so it still feels like summertime. I'm glad you found some neat things for your booth. It's a busy time of year...for shopping!

  5. I think they are pretty much done here as it's gotten fairly cold. You found some great stuff!! Love the little owls and of course the Carlton ware dish is gorgeous! Hugs, Linda

  6. You did good, you just never know what you'll find. Love that pretty leaf dish and the Purex bottle is going to look wonderful all dressed up. We still have a few sales out there, but not much action now.

  7. Yard sale season here is 97% over so this time of year I have to shift to thrift stores to find anything which works out well since they're starting to put their Christmas items out. I wouldn't mind a good rummage sale though. ;-)

  8. Yard Sales on the decline and Thrift Store Shopping on the rise here in just now getting to cool weather in Texas. Love all your finds...especially the owls.

  9. They have tapered off and are pretty much extinct. The thrift stores are happy to have me back though.

  10. Sherry, garage sales crank up this time of year in Orlando because the weather is so nice, 10 more days and the wedding will be over and I can get back out...I can't wait, well I can't wait for the wedding and getting my life back. I can't believe how hot owls are now, it all goes around again!



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