Monday, October 8, 2012

Sunny, Shiny and Brite!

This past weekend was sunny and the newspapers were loaded with estate and yard sales, so Mom and I took advantage of the pretty weather to check out a few of them. Unlike last week where we found several items that fit a theme, this weekend offered us an assortment of vintage goodies.

We found a pretty wooden tray with a rose decal. I filled it with vintage buttons and trims for crafting. I also added a couple of old needle books and Carol will be so proud of me for finding some buttons to cover!

For the kitchen, I found a 70s cast iron trivet and a set of small chicken salt and pepper shakers.

Vintage cameras are always on my to-find list. This Ansco camera came with the flash attachment and a box of flashbulbs. I also found a couple of old Perry Mason books.

With our Christmas Open House just a few weeks away (Nov 4), I was excited to find a happy Santa (made in Hong Kong), a velvet deer (made in Japan) and a box of Shiny Brite glass ornaments (made in the USA)!!!

 We came home with shiny (and brite) smiles!!!

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  1. You did find some great seasonal items! I love that trivet and the chicken S&P!!
    hugs, Linda

  2. Ooooh. Buttons, lace, camera, ornaments...all on my list of must haves when I go out hunting. Love all your awesome finds.

  3. Sherry you always buy the things I like. Do you plan on going to Court Days in Preston this weekend? We've been to Mt. Sterling Court Days but, this year we hope to try Preston, most people say it is better.
    Blessings, from your Kentucky neighbor, Trisha

  4. Love the vintage Christmas, I missed out on some at an estate sale this past week, I nearly cried when I spotted them in someone else's pile.

  5. Great finds Sherry! I love the Christmas items and that camera.

    We had a beautiful weekend, but there was a big religious conference here, so there were NO sales. Darn it! Our weather is going to turn soon, so each Saturday is important. haha!

    Have a great week!

  6. What fun finds! A camera and Perry Mason. I'm kinda into that style at the moment. And buttons are always my style.

  7. I am proud of you for finding button covers! Oh I love cameras and never pass up Shiny Brites


  8. Happy to see you're finding vintage Christmas! I keep looking high and low and don't seem to find much.

  9. Love your vintage finds. Have a hard time finding vintage Christmas other than the shiny brite bulbs. When I saw how much button covers are i started hunting for them too :)

  10. Cool stuff Sherry. I bought a few things at Renningers but didn't take too many pics. It was hot so I had a fan in one hand, a camera and the bag of goodies in the other. Oh and I was also carrying a bottle of water. I'll have to do a post to show my goodies.~Ames

  11. I didn't know you had another blog too! That's awesome but, where do you find time to tackle both? Thanks for stopping by and leaving me comments. I collect shiny brites also!! There's nothing like them on a tree at Xmas. Have a great week.
    xxx Liz

  12. Glad you were able to get out and find some really cool stuff! We had some of those trivets when I was little, but a different color. You can never have too many shiny brites!

  13. I went to Jackson this past weekend for the sales. I really enjoyed the outing, but tried not to buy too much. I am so trying to clean out this house and not fill it up again! I do love vintage Christmas ornaments, tho...


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