Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cigar Box Purse

A few weeks ago, I showed you a stash of wooden cigar boxes that Mom and I found at an estate sale.

A couple of you commented that you also had some boxes and wondered what to do with them. Well, let me tell you the rest of the story about those cigar boxes. I actually bought a brown paper bag full of wooden cigar boxes plus some extra goodies.

Along with the boxes there were two containers of beads and several pieces of felt AND…....a purse made from one of the cigar boxes!!!

inside view

The lady at the estate sale said she planned to make purses from all the cigar boxes, but had only finished one and lost interest.

I plan to sell the completed cigar box purse, but I’ll leave the purse-making to someone else. The extra cigar boxes will be sold as is for someone to use as they please. However, I did like the purse idea and I thought maybe this would give you an idea for how to repurpose your cigar boxes.

I’m taking my new purse to the following parties:

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Time Travel Thursday at The Brambleberry Cottage
Treasure Hunt Thursday at From My Front Porch to Yours
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  1. Awwwww...Love it! Now, just be sure to finish what she started ~ lol! What a fun summer project :) Be sure to show us the finished products!!

  2. Mr. Wonderful bought me a cigar box purse in the more traditional shape; of course it had a 57 Chevy graphic on it!


  3. What a find! A great idea and I'm sure someone will be happy to make up the rest of them.

  4. I have a wooden purse that I have had far years. It was made by Collins of Texas. It is in mint condition as I rarely used it. An old saying is that if you keep something long enough it will come back in style. You should do well with your cigar box purses.

  5. What a fun bag of goodies! I would love to make them just to use as storage! These are definitely clean and pristine! Have fun!

  6. Very fun! I love the cigar boxes and sure yours will sell quickly.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. I think you are very smart to sell them AS IS and not make them into the purses(BUT GIVE THE IDEA). BECAUSE they may appeal as a MANS GIFT TOO. He could keep it on his desk for storage,etc...ONCE you make it into a PURSE its for the ladies... I also think that ONCE SOMEONE wants one of these, THEY WILL WANT MORE...The would be ideal stacked for storage... I have an old wooden/wicker purse that I used in the 60s. I LOVED IT and always kept it. Well in the 70s when I got married I turned it into my little portable sewing KIT. I STILL have it and use it!
    Have a great weekend,
    Big Hugs

  8. That is a great idea. I've never seen them made into purses, but they do look cute.

  9. The one she made is cute! I've seen some pretty badly made ones also...ugh! Still I love the cigar boxes just as boxes....great find Sherry! Hugs, Linda

  10. I like the inspiration and letting the imagination go from there. Fabulous find!

  11. That is very cute, but I'm wondering if it would be comfortable to actually carry. I think I'd use it as a decor box somehow instead.

  12. It's a cute concept but I couldn't use a purse like that. Where would I put the kitchen sink?~Ames

  13. Wow, that was quite a find, I love the one she made. I remember when they were all the rage, cute idea!


  14. I have some cigar boxes of my own. Never made them into purses because I knew I wouldn't use them as such, but I am always intrigued by them. Thanks for sharing this. It's fun to see what other people do with their finds.

  15. Very smart on your part selling the kits. I do like the black purse, I think it would make a great dresser box for all the little treasures us junkers always have a pocket full of.

  16. Wow, what an awesome bag of treasures! the purse she made is so cute and I agree, sell them as is and give the idea out along with it! Thank you for sharing with us at TTF this week! Have a great day.

  17. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.


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