Thursday, May 17, 2012

Have You Seen Robin Hood?

Yes!  Robin Hood!
You know, the one from Sherwood Forest!

To be a bit more specific......have you ever seen Robin Hood on a series of plates
by John Maddock & Sons?

A couple of years ago I found four plates at a yard sale. Each plate has a different scene
featuring Robin Hood. The transferware plates are square and the wide rims have a design
of acorns and shields.

The back of each plate has the John Maddock and Sons mark. 

In the time that I've owned the plates, I've not been able to find much information about them. I don't know their age or value and I wonder just how many different scenes there are in the series. Here are the four designs I have.........

Robin Hood Meets Friar Tuck

King Richard Pardons Robin Hood

Robin Hood Captures the Pirate Ship

Robin Hood Wins the Silver Arrow

So where's Maid Marian and the Merry Men, you ask?  I did, too! Recently I discovered two additional designs at One of them pictures Robin Hood and Maid Marian, and the other pictures Robin at a long table with two dogs nearby. I could not read the titles on either plate.

I want to know if there are still more designs.
Do you know?
Have you seen any plates like these?

Have you seen Robin Hood?

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  1. I don't recall ever seeing plates like these before. They are so interesting and look like they're all in such good shape. You can bet I'll have my radar on from now on.

  2. Oh My Goodness..."LOVE THESE"!!!!!!!!!!!!! As the Mom of ALL BOYS/MEN, Robin Hood was well LOVED HERE! These would definitely follow me home! I had a penpal from England growing up and my first trip to England I discovered she lived RIGHT NEAR Sherwood Forest. I was SO EXCITED about that.
    Hope you have a comforting week,
    Big Hugs to you,

  3. I have never seen plates like that before, Sherry. But they really are pretty cool. You come up with such interesting finds!

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday again this week.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  4. Sherry these are very interesting plates! I've never seen anything like do find the best stuff! I'll keep my eyes open for more info on them also! Hugs, Linda

  5. I have never seen these dishes. They are very interesting and one I would keep.

  6. I have never seen any plates like this -- they are unique -- and gorgeous!


  7. No I have never seen Robin Hood's plates before, how interesting, it's mazing what all different ladies find, love seeing it all

    I have my 1st giveaway on my blog if you would like to enter it


  8. I have heard of the company but have never seen those plates before?

  9. Love these plates and I've never seen these either. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. I've never seen these. I wonder if they were part of the grocery store sales I remember 40 years ago. My mom got a new set of dishes, one each week for I think 99cents then you got to buy the serving dishes too. Hmmm wonder where those are? Hope you can stop by. Visiting from Vintage Thursday. Blessings, Debbie

  11. Those are awesome Sherry! I love this set and have never seen it before. What fun finds. Thank you for sharing this with us this week at TTF. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  12. I have not, but those are very unique. I was expecting to see an old Robin hood flour container when I stopped over here. Those plates are so much better.

  13. At first glance I would have said these were Johnson Brothers. I've never seen plates like this before. ~Ames

  14. Well no I haven't ever seen this series of Robin Hood images on plates, or anywhere else for that matter. What unique goodies you come across. We'll have to start calling you "Hawkeye", for all the amazing thing you find. Thanks for sharing, Valerie

  15. I never saw anything like find the most interesting things!! I've been too busy to go to any sales, unfortunately.

  16. You've certainly got a lovey mystery to solve. They look old, the mark looks old, the brown transferware pattern looks old, and the Robin Hood theme could be from the time the original movie came out - or maybe from the illustrations in the original printing, I wonder if the costumes are the same?

  17. I used to have the Maid Marian plate. She sits on a horse, while Robin battles the Sheriff (I think it's the sheriff). At the bottom of the plate, it reads "Robin Hood rescues Maid Marian". I sold it on Ebay a few years ago, but wish now I'd kept it. I still have some pictures of the plate. If you'd like to see them, I'd be happy to email them to you.

  18. I have 6 different motives - the sixth is where Robin is dinning with the sherif.

  19. BTW my plates are lunch plates with another pattern around the picture.

  20. I have the Robin Hood meets Friar Tuck plate! I'm in the process of emptying my mums house and was looking for info on the plate too as I'm looking to sell as I don't have anywhere to display :(

  21. I have a complete set of 12 plates, each depicting a different scene. I was wondering what they are worth?

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  23. Kerry AndersonJanuary 22, 2014 at 12:28 AM

    I have ROBIN HOOD MEETS FRIAR TUCK and the stamp on the back says 'Royal Ivory', which I found out changed to 'Ivory Ware' in 1945. I wonder how much the plate is worth too. I inherited the plate bought by distant relatives probably around 1945.

  24. I Robin hood rescues maid Marion and another one would have to unpack to see which one.

  25. I have the robin hood wins the silver arrow

    1. Iwas wondering what a plate like this would sell for?


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