Thursday, May 3, 2012

Divided Casseroles

I have several divided casseroles for sale in my booth. They’ve been there for a while now. They are Pyrex. They have lids. They have no damage. They are not overpriced…. $12.00-$15.00.

One is a beautiful snowflake casserole shown here at the Christmas Open House last year. Everything around it sold, but not the casserole.

Another divided beauty is this Pyrex promotional casserole in the Royal Wheat pattern. It’s still waiting for a home.

I also have a Pyrex Golden Acorn divided casserole that I haven’t put out because I’m waiting for the others to sell.

So why don’t they sell?
Tell me, do you use divided casseroles?
Are they just not practical now?

Do you feel that you HAVE to put two different veggies/foods in one to justify its use?
Can’t you bake one kind of casserole in it even though it has a divider?
Wouldn’t the extra glass just make it cook better in the center?

I’m just wondering…..Please clue me in!

And I have one more question.
With all of the things mentioned above,
why did I buy yet another divided casserole just a few weeks ago?

Glasbake divided casserole

What’s your opinion?

You have my UNDIVIDED attention!

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  1. So, funny! I like the divided dishes, so I don't understand, but maybe people just don't know what to do with them? Maybe some suggestions that go with them, a recipe card? I love the snowflake one. I would love to use that in the winter holidays!

  2. I LOVE the shape BUT I rather make a casserole. I DO SEE lots and LOTS of them at our GWs...Hmmm, They are so well made "MAYBE" there are JUST TOO many available???
    Keep them there, ONE DAY someone will FALL IN LOVE!
    Big Hugs,

  3. Actually I really like them. Just have to make budget decisions and for now it has to wait.
    LOVE to go antique shopping. Can't really buy anymore my 'house is full'. My problem is getting a buyer for my antique dolls.

  4. Your "unidivided attention"

    I have always really liked them but having said that there is not a single one in my house or my stash. But now you have me thinking how great it would be to have and use one for my kiddos. Make a mini "his and hers" type dinner...hmmm. This may solve some dinner time dilemnas and drama over mixed up food!

    Well at least one dilmena was solved today. See how helpful you are Sherry?!

  5. I don't own one either. I guess it could be nice for reheating leftovers actually. Good for cooking for one also?
    I do have an old divided bowl that I use a lot.
    I like the recipe ideas, maybe provide 2 dip recipes and called them "double dips"! It would be nice to have a covered dish for dips outdoors actually.
    Good luck

  6. I had a snowflake one and never used it, so it got donated. I think the size/shape just throws people. It's not easy to know how it compares volume-wise with an 8x8 pan so it's hard to know if a recipe would fit in it or not. I think we're just out of the habit of using them and younger shoppers would shy away because they are just not sure what to do with them.

  7. I have never gotten the bug for divided dishes but those are darling!

  8. You buy them because you love them and I do too. I think it just might be because there are so many out there. I think I might still have one lurking in the back of a cabinet and have always used it as a serving dish and not for baking. So many pretty patterns and I'm sure the right person will be looking for one to add to their collection.

  9. I actually DO have an opinion! Back when I had a big family and put all of the food in bowls on a big table, I put two different veggies in this bowls and used them more to serve than to bake. The thicker glass kept things hot longer. So I would put mashed potatoes in one side and sauteed mushrooms in the other side...we didn't eat much gravy. I used divided dishes all the time....back in the olden days! heehee! I haven't really thought of that in a long time! Thanks for the memories!

  10. You know I have a couple of them also. I don't have the nice divided lid but I think they are great for serving. I should use it more then I do. How is that for not answering your question! LOL@@
    hugs, Linda

  11. Isn't it funny how some things that you think will sell immediately, sit there for awhile? Then one day someone will be SO happy that they found them! I'm sure you'll sell them soon and make someone's day!

    Have a great day.

  12. I guess I always thought I would have to make a different item in each side. And then the dilemma of what to do if they don't bake the same amount of time. Maybe they make other people a little nervous about cooking also?

  13. I've had a couple and never baked in them, but can recall using for serving raw veggies. I sold mine at the consignment store with no problem. Someone will come in and swoon one day!

  14. I have a few divided dishes in my collection, I think they're pretty neat. I've made apple crisp in a divided and used them for chips and dip.

  15. I've not seen the divided casserole dishes before. I am wondering if people aren't sure how to use them? Or if they would use them? They look great to me, though!

  16. Well Sherry, I use divided Pyrex to serve in. Can't figure why they don't sell. Try putting as a gift set....vintage cookbooklet of casseroles or vegetables, spoon, maybe little
    note with use suggestions.

  17. Well, what's not to love about being able to cook two veggies at the same time in the microwave!? Divided dishes seem perfectly collectable to me; the price might be an issue. You know all of us like to brag about how cheap we get things. A really big spend is something over $10.00 and I better REALLY want it...

  18. My mom used a divided dish -- I remember: corn on one side, English peas on the other. It was before Microwaves - we did not fix our plates from the stove -- everything was put on the table -- and we all ate sitting down together.

    I don't cook as much -- but it is a fabulous idea! I do have one, it's pink (remember?). It is more for "show". Need to think about using it.

    I believe they will sell.


  19. We never had them. With a family of six a divided bowl would have been more suited for our grandparents. I would probably use them today if I had one, because it's just the two of us most nights for dinner. At family sit down dinners we either use large bowls and serve family style or we do a buffet. They are nice. I like the Golden Acorn. It's pretty.~Ames

  20. I vote for "Lavendar Dreams" answer. I always thought they were 'early Tupperware' - a place to store leftovers. I don't collect them so this is something I've never had to 'worry' about.

  21. I love to read your descriptions - so entertaining. After reading the other posts, it occurs to me that these divided dishes would be perfect to store leftovers in the frig after holiday meals when you have a little of this and a little of that, but still want to save it and will be reheating it at the same time.

  22. I don't know why we don't like them now. I used one once for my supper plate for something different

    i just always use my pyrex bowls , but these divided things are just not as charming I guess, I even have a blue willow divided dish and never use it ?

  23. Well, this turned out to be a fun subject! And thanks Joy for the vote! We are spoiled now with the microwave but in the 'olden' days it was an art to get everything cooked at exactly the same time and served hot! I raised 4 nothing really had a chance to cool off though! heehee!

  24. I have a couple of these divided dishes. I really don't care if they are popular or not, I'll still like them. Maybe it will be easier to find these pieces of pyrex if not many are looking of them.


  25. In our area, you can find a Pyrex divided dish in just about every thrift/antique store you visit. I happen to have several myself. I think one reason that they aren't overly popular is because they can be difficult to store if you have more than one. They don't stack very well. I still love them though and mainly use them when we have get-togethers.

  26. I had to read the comments because I have a snowflake and sunflower one that has been sitting in my ebay store forever Maybe I will lower the price and try to get back my initial investment

  27. Hmm! I'm very surprised they haven't sold, Sherry. So many people are into the mid-century items today. I have one myself with the snowflake pattern. Hopefully, the right buyers will come around soon. ;)

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday again.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  28. I just started collecting Pyrex, and I already have seven divided casseroles (snowflake, town & country, constellation, early american, green verde, and two opal). I think they're adorable and can't leave them behind when I see them. I paid the most for the snowflake ($12), and that was without a lid. I haven't actually baked in them; I use them for chips & dip, storing & reheating leftovers, and serving (especially at parties!). The only problem I have run into is stacking them all. :( For reference, I am 31 and love mid century. I hope you sell them soon! If I happened by your booth, I would definitely buy the wheat one. :)


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