Monday, April 30, 2012

“Grate” Expectations!

I rarely grate cheese these days. It’s just too easy to buy the bagged shredded cheese readily available at the grocery store. Should I choose to shred, I usually use this newer fold-flat-when-not-in-use grater because it’s usually not-in-use!

But there once was a time when already-shredded cheeses were not so available, or not so affordable, so numerous cheese-grating utensils were invented. Any new homemaker could expect to receive a cheese grater as a bridal shower gift or house-warming gift.

Here are a few vintage graters I’ve found at estate sales....

There is the ever popular box grater….

An All-in-One grater…..

Even a Tupperware grater…..

But I have never seen or used one quite like this…….

It’s marked Gadget Master No. 8, Made in USA.

Do you still use a grater?

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  1. Iam you newest follower. I hope you will drop for a visit and follow me. I love everything vintage and still use my old grater.

  2. That triple grater is unique...and yes, I'm a grater from way back. I like a flat grater but I remember those tupperware graters, too! You find the neatest stuff! I'm having a giveaway...hope you can stop by soon! Hugs!

  3. I use a grater all the time - to make laundry soap! I'm with you on the pre shredded cheese.

  4. I LOVE the old graters... We STILL use my Mom's old "French Moulie Grater"... There are STILL so many of them out there...I have a few different types...
    I agree with your buying it already grated, AND most of my grating I do with the new MICROPLANES, LOVE THEM!!!
    Thank you for your newest flashes from the past!
    Big Hugs,

    1. I still use a vintage Mouli too; we got it from my late mother-in-law. It's the best tool for coleslaw. Unfortunately, the weld just broke on one leg. Anyone know of a good repair method?

  5. I'm with you, I usually buy the already shredded, but these do bring back memories from my childhood when I would help mom in the kitchen!

  6. Love the graters! I sometimes grate cheese but mostly buy the already shredded! Love the vintage triple grater...very interesting! Hugs, Linda

  7. Oh my~! you have made me chuckle today. I ALWAYS use the box grater. It was my mother's and it just makes grated cheese taste better. My daughter is 23 years old and she uses it too. In fact, she is building a treasure trove of things when she moves on and one was a box cheese grater. How cute is that? Love these graters ;-)

  8. I use the metal grater when making my homemade laundry soap. Hubby grates the bar soap for me.
    Very unique one with the 3 blades.

  9. I've never seen a gadget master #8. I like it! I have a metal grater that's probably only 15 years old. I use it on rare occasions like when I break down and make zucchini bread.

  10. Oh Sherry, I am officially vintage, because I think I have had all of those graters LOL! I still have one, but you are right, I seldom use it!


  11. Lovely post! Yep, I use a box grater :)
    Greetings from Australia♥

  12. We called them knuckle busters. We didn't use it for cheese at all. Cole slaw. Diced onions. There was always "meat" in the cole slaw. I still grate, lettuce and cabbage, with the food processor. ;) Use the graters now for candles.

  13. I just bought a new fancy Kitchen Aid grater yesterday, half price!

  14. I do still use a grater once in awhile but I prefer them as candle holders, etc. :) I like that last one -- I can picture that with a tea light shining from behind it! Guess you can see what I'd most like to used them for!

  15. Getting artsy on your photos, I see? I have some old graters, too. But, I use a relatively new one all the time to grate my cheese.

  16. Come to think of it no I don't. I think I still have one though. I'll have to go dig through the odds-n-ends drawer in the kitchen to see. Humm you've really go me wondering with this one.~Ames

  17. The 3-way grater is pretty sweet! Sometimes I still use mine when I don't feel like bringing out the food processor.Adorable Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!

  18. Just happened upon your site and love it! I too have a box grater that I use mostly in the summer when making zucchini bread. Just came across my mother's "All in One" grater. Please tell me: the grate on the left under "All in One" is for cheese, but what is grate on the right and the bottom small holes for? Also the center slit is to sharpen knives? Love, Nancy


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