Friday, April 20, 2012

Cluck, Cluck!

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation from a friend to go through some things left from her mother’s estate. I was honored to help her dispose of a few things. Her mother had several hobbies and collections and it was amazing to see the items she had cherished.

I found an Indiana Glass “Harvest” vase in olive green, a milk glass hobnail shoe by Fenton and a Townhouse Canister by Avon.

Sewing was one of her hobbies and I brought home several wooden embroidery hoops and sewing/crafts books.

The 1949 Simplicity Sewing book was especially interesting. There were instructions for buttonholes, pattern alterations and those ruffles that are so popular on runners and pillows now.

She had an extensive hen-on-a-nest collection. Here are just a couple of the several that I purchased, most of them Indiana Glass. She had collected them in several colors; the two pictured here are in amber and a soft pink. The wicker hen was sold by Avon, one of a menagerie of animals they issued.

Pam of the House of Hawthornes recently told us about her hen-on-a-nest collection.

Do you have a hen-on-a-nest?

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  1. I USED to have LOTS of hens on nest in the DAYS when my boys were little, "WE Raised Chickens"! I sure miss their eggs. HEHEHE!
    You have some wonderful things here... You brought back great memories of when I started sewing too with those little books...
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    We have been "PROMISED" some well needed RAIN! I hope we get it!
    Big Hugs,

  2. I have a clear one with the comb/flap under chin painted red and the rest is clear. That's the only one I have, I've seen several others that I've wanted of course at a time when I was window shopping and didn't have the extra cash. Oh well, some time hopefully I'll get a few more!!

  3. I love to collect old sewing books & Granny gave me a ton of her old patterns from when she sewed my aunts clothes back in the 40's and 50's....some of them I still use today!

  4. No hens-on-a-nest here but I'm looking at a big cat on a pillow. ;-) Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I do have a couple of Hen on a nest and mine are milk glass! I just love them for some reason. Now that pink one has caught my eye!! Hugs, Linda

  6. I LOVE those! I have a hen on nest collection too! (mostly blues) I did a post about them about a year ago.

  7. I have my moms amber chicken like the one you showed and a set of 3 milk glass ones in the kitchen at 1515. Love the pink!

  8. No, I don't, but if ever i find a pink one it will be mine! the funny thing about old sewing books is the info is still useful, especially for hand sewing


  9. Sherry, you betcha I do. Mine is white milk glass and I keep it on the kitchen table.

  10. Oh I'd love to have one like on the top pic! So far, I have only found a small white one, and I don't know who made it. I researched it and couldn't find one exactly alike. I keep it in my hutch beside some pyrex.

    You sure lucked out!

  11. I have several hen-on-nests-amber, blue, pink, milk glass, orange. Happy Pink Saturday!

  12. I certainly do. It was my mother's and it's a miniature. My older sister got the bigger one and the Mr. P-nut she had sitting on the shelf above her stove. Don't see those around anymore.~Ames

  13. I do have a few hens on a nest. I remember that Avon one. I am glad you were able to help out your friend. Thank you for sharing with us at TTF. Have a great day!

  14. How thoughtful of your friend to ask you to go through her mother's things. You sure found some fun treasures. I remember the hen on nest my Nana had. I loved it back then and wish I could find one just like it. Thanks for sharing Sherry.

  15. We have LOTS of "hens on a nest" at this point--live ones! But I also collect chickens...sadly, no glass ones on nests at this point, though I could kick myself for not buying the gorgeous pale green one I admired in a local shop a couple of years back.
    Sweet that you could help your friend find good homes for her mom's treasures.

  16. Such fun vintage items! I often think about the owner of the treasures I find in the thrift stores. I love teapots, tea cups and saucers and dolls. I am a often wondering what they were thinking when they bought the treasure I now claim. Those hens in the nest are sweet! :)


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