Thursday, July 28, 2011

"P" is for....

Please join me for The Alphabe-Tour!  P” is the next letter in line to introduce you to examples of “vintage-ness” that you’ll find in my booths at Southern Antique Mall. I won’t bore you with plate racks, picture frames and potato mashers (though they’re there), because there are plenty of other participants in this part of the tour.

So pause for a few minutes and peruse these photos

“P” is for….

Panama typewriter ribbon tin

Pfaltzgraff  “Folk Art” salt & pepper

Pyrex mixing bowls – Butterfly Gold pattern

Phillips Milk of Magnesia bottles

Pepsi Cola bottle and Planter’s Peanuts burlap bag

Platters - miscellaneous

Pansies - embroidered picture

Pie Plate (Blue Ridge) and Pie Bird

Prince Albert tobacco tin

Planters - miscellaneous

Phillips 66 salt & pepper

“Q” is next and one I’ve been dreading…..I already feel queasy!!!

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Who Knew?

Mom gets the daily paper so she’s in charge of checking out the classifieds for the weekend yard sales. She was excited to tell me that one of our rural churches was going to have a rummage sale that started on Thursday. We usually have to wait until Friday to go treasure-hunting, so who knew what we might find a day early!

The first thing I found was an old wall shelf made of pine with notches along the edges. The top piece also had some interesting carving. Who knew that this is probably a primitive folk art shelf, or maybe even tramp art?

There were lots of books and several of them were old elementary reading textbooks. One of them had a much plainer cover than the others, but I loved the graphics so I bought it along with five others. When I got it home and looked through it, I recognized some of the characters in the stories. Who knew that the book had actually been rebound and was covering a 1956 edition of a Dick and Jane reader?

There were also a couple of children’s Christmas books and an unusual red/white swirl enamelware grill plate. I’ve only seen plain enamelware plates, but never a grill plate. Who knew?

With no yard sales listed for Friday, we decided to revisit the junk shop where we found the Candlewick salt and pepper shakers last weekend. With so much to plunder through, who knew what we might have missed?

Almost immediately I spotted an iced tea glass. Not just any ole iced tea glass. An American Fostoria iced tea glass. Then I spotted another one and yet another one. Who knew that I would find more elegant glassware at that old junk shop?

Stuck in the back corner of a shelf, I noticed something pink….a very soft shade of pink. Who knew that as I pulled it out into the light I would discover a Baltimore Pear sugar bowl in Shell Pink milk glass. There was no lid, but it was too perfect to pass up.

Lastly, I found a small decorative birdcage and a pair of owl figurines. Do you remember the popularity of owls back in the 1970’s? Well, here they are ….. popular again, 40 years later!!!

Who “Hoo” Knew?

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

John Deere Sewing Stool?

I know that’s a strange title, but I’ll explain.

A couple of months ago I told you about a coffee table that I re-did. At the same time I bought that coffee table, I bought a stool that had been “re-done” with a John Deere theme. Someone painted it dark red and covered the seat with John Deere fabric.

I really didn’t care for the theme, so I decided to freshen it up a bit.

A little research informed me that this stool was actually a Singer sewing stool from the 1940s. The lid comes off to reveal an area for storage of sewing supplies. I’ll show that storage area to you in a minute. First let me show you the re-painted stool.

After a light sanding, I painted the stool with two coats of a light buttery yellow paint. A little distressing revealed some of that former dark red paint.

Since this was a sewing stool, I selected a pieced fabric (like a quilt-top) that had both the red and the butter colors in it. 

Here’s that storage area with some of my vintage sewing accessories.

I don’t have a sewing stool, so it’s tempting to keep this one; however, it is for sale in my booth.

Do you like the lighter palette?

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Monday, July 18, 2011

An Old Crate and Other Finds

Mom and I mapped out our Friday morning excursion. We decided that first we would go to an estate sale way out in the country and then come back by the only yard sale that sounded interesting. As we passed country homes, old barns, horses and cows, Mom asked out loud, “I wonder what we are going to find today?” I silently knew we would find something, but I wondered if our trip would be worth the gas it was taking to get there.

The country estate sale was not professionally staged which is both good and bad. The items were not displayed well and most were not priced, but at least those prices turned out to be a little lower.

After a bit of digging, we found a mirrored dresser tray, an old spool of green seam binding (love the graphics) and a small Floragold bowl.

This pretty plate with pink roses from Germany was Mom’s pick.

I also found a Mississippi souvenir plate and 2 blue fridgies, but only one lid. *sad face*

On our way back into town we passed by an old junk market, so we decided to stop. We had good luck there before, so why not!

This set of 6 vintage jelly glasses called out to me.

Also saying “take me home” was this pretty bowl and dessert plates in the “Petal” pattern.

But nothing could have prepared me for what I found next…..elegant glassware at a junk shop.....a set of Candlewick salt and pepper shakers!!!

And that old crate I mentioned in the title? 
I found it at the yard sale.

It was hiding in the garage under a table of miscellaneous Christmas stuff.  I asked the guy if it was for sale. He said, “Sure” and dug it out.  It turned out to be a old Peters Ammunition Box.


Did you go to any sales this weekend?

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Seeing Red!

I have a confession to make. I didn’t tell you about everything that we bought at the estate sales last weekend. There was one more big purchase that I want to tell you about.

At the second estate sale, I entered a small bedroom of the house and what I saw stopped me in my tracks…...I SAW RED!  Three pieces of gorgeous red vintage American Tourister luggage. I checked them over and they were in great shape….just no key.  *sad face*  I wanted to shop some more, so I took them to the check-out table and asked that they hold them for me. They said, “Sure, but are you going to get the matching hatbox?” I hadn’t seen a hatbox, so they took me back to the room and found the beautiful matching round hatbox in the closet. OF COURSE, I wanted the hatbox!!!

So after a little cleaning, I’m revealing the last of my weekend purchases. A FOUR-piece set of red American Tourister Tiara luggage, probably from the late 1960s-early 1970s.

They are available in my booth, just in time for your vacation!!!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

When I Shop, I Think of You!

All of you inspire me….your blogs, your comments, your friendship. When I “treasure hunt” at estate sales, yard sales and thrift stores, I think of all the creative ideas and special collections that you share. I notice things now that I never noticed before because you called it to my attention with an informative blog post or incisive comment.

Mom and I attended two estate sales this past weekend and the things I bought remind me of many of you. I hope you see yourself in the “treasures” that I found.

Bone china teacups – Made in England

Blue fruit jar and a ring of rusty keys

Tissue box cover – Made by Nashco

Set of 2 large nesting bowls – Bouquet (Ballerina) by Universal

2 “projects” – footed wooden bowl and wooden tote

House Blessing plate – Made in Japan

Did you see anything you like?

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Display of Pink

I bought this 18” tall tabletop display cabinet last October and it’s been patiently sitting in my garage waiting its turn to be renewed. Its original finish was pretty plain, just a clear satin finish.

I thought it needed some oomph, some pizzazz….so I painted it PINK!

Because the glass would have been difficult to remove, I painted it with the glass in place. That left an unpainted edge showing under the glass on the inside of the door.

I covered that unpainted edge with a pretty polka dot ribbon.

I would love to have changed out the door knob, but it was glued in place. So to give the knob a little extra presence, I embellished it with another piece of polka dot ribbon and a pretty sequined heart.



Now this little curio is ready for a collection of demitasse cups and saucers or other treasured miniatures.

What do you think?
Is she pretty in pink?

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